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Your ideas of the MMO market now and future?

Right now the MMO market is booming. With high speed internet becomming more readilly accesable by people, and with people having as much money as they do, the market is really enjoying a big boom right now.
That excites and worries me at the same time. Right now, i wish i could release my game, because i want to 'catch the wave' while it is still going strong... but at the same point, i see a lot of saturation with all the games comming out and such. I'd like to know all of your opinions on the market right now. Do you see this saturation as being an end point for smaller dev teams, as it will lead to not being able to maintain working status? Do you think that this is going to end in a year or so, and every MMO that isn't big right now will crumble away into the sands of failure? Or do you possibly see a booming future  where games flourish?

By future, i would like a 5-8 year maximum on that.... I am hoping to do some planning for game and whatnot, and trying to get a feel for the market place. How better to do so then through others who will more-than-liekly know more than myself? XD Gotta learn somehow...

Anyways... please hit the poll up and post your opinion. And at least give a good reason behind your thought process.

I myself am optimistic of a prolific future... but i don't really have any theory to back it up, or any evidence to prove otherwise... so please, tell me your thoughts, and maybe even show some research!

*~~ One winged Angel


  • BlueCoyoteBlueCoyote Member Posts: 244

    I share your optimism, Ridetsu. There's no point in getting jaded with the current market and ringing the MMO doomsday bell. With time and experience, MMORPGs will improve, just like all games have. The exponential rate hardware is advancing at doesn't hurt either.

  • RidetsuRidetsu Member Posts: 41
    yeah; i just hope thigns improve by the time i manage to get my game off the ground... or rather, when i attempt to get it off the ground, lol

    *~~ One winged Angel

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