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General: GirlzGameToo: Q&A and Preview

DanaDana Member Posts: 2,415

Candace and Jim Miller of GirlzGameToo were recently interviewed by Brian Perry Jr. The duo have set up a community website for female gamers and are running a very unique event in celebration.

Mayday is an event envisioned by Vyktor, the webmaster over at girlzgametoo.com. While the site is a community for female gamers (or men to better understand female gamers), it’s not some feminist society for the removal of men. Actually, it’s just a site thrown together to celebrate female gamers, much like the Mayday event. However the Mayday event really is more than a just some random celebration, it’s actually a well planned out gathering to make a statement.

The main purpose behind Mayday is to celebrate being a gamer. With all the negative publicity gamers have endured recently, from the Jack Thompson slandering of gamers as a whole to the now ancient “Hot Coffee” mod controversy, gamers really haven’t had anything positive to celebrate. This bothered everyone over at GGT, including Vyktor, so he started making plans to host a huge event across many different games to reach out to as large of a group of gamers as possible.

You can read the interview and see the full preview here.

Dana Massey
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  • Username!Username! Member Posts: 165

    It talks about why it was started and why it is there...

    For anyone who doesn't know, they are currently having a BUNCH of contests in-game for a bunch of different MMOs.

  • TrindrasTrindras Member Posts: 173
    The article is pretty clear about the reason for the gathering; to celebrate gamers of both sexes.  With all the negative publicity gamers have gotten lately (school shootings, "hot coffee", and all WoW related lawsuits), Vyktor and his wife figured it was time to show gamers' good side, and throw a party.  So far, the event's been pretty good, and they've given away so many things it's crazy, and everyone is having a good time and is on their best behavior.  I truely believe that if this event continues for a few years, there will be national press about how it's bringing together gamers for a positive reason (on like NBC/ABC/FOX and such).

  • shaeshae Member Posts: 2,509

    Yay GGT !!!

    One of my fav communities and run by just simply amazing people. Really hope Mayday goes well.

  • Rikimaru_XRikimaru_X Member UncommonPosts: 11,718

    That site looks awfully familar. Like I had some kind of . . .flashback. Anyway that site is kinda ugly. Can't beleive Shae left us for that.


    Oh yea I remember. This happens to be the 3rd encouter hearing from these people here. I don't know what to say really. Not yet at least.

    -In memory of Laura "Taera" Genender. Passed away on Aug/13/08-

  • gundamxzerogundamxzero Member Posts: 8
    I think its great that there are more females playing games nowadays but I dont think they should get special attention just because they are girls.  I wont treat a woman player any different than a guy.  A gamer is a gamer.

  • VyktorVyktor Member Posts: 46

    Would just like to pop in and thank everyone who attended.  Hope you all had a good time.

    As far as the couple who didn't like the way the site looked, there is the option to change the theme.  Would also like to thank the guys here at mmorpg.com for the interview and article.  We enjoyed both immensely.

    EDIT: Thank you for the kind words Shae.  We try very hard and are now adding alot more to the community.  Should be fun.

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