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GoonZu Online: New Open Beta

StraddenStradden Managing EditorMember CommonPosts: 6,696

Global Goonzu Online has announced the offical launch of their new open beta test, which began on April 20th, 2006.


Global Goonzu Online- Official launch of NEW OPEN BETA

NDOORS Corporation, the PC and console (PSP, PS2) game developing and publishing specialist, has officially announced the launch of its MMORPG, Global GoonZu New Open Beta Version, on April 20, 2006. Global GoonZu Online provides improved graphics and additional game features along with more character choices. (Download – http://global.goonzu.com)

NDOORS Corp is currently planning to introduce the game in Electronic Entertainment Expo, simply knows as E3, to grab the global players attentions. With its successful commercial launching experience in Korea and in Japan, NDOORS Corp is aggressively seeking its opportunities to take the fast growing online game market by satisfying the global users’ tastes. Goonzu Online, the popular Korean MMORPG, has now more than 3 million members.

Cute and simple animation style graphics and low system requirements are the distinctive features of this game, and the easy game control and comprehensive game interface allows the new MMORPG users to play the game with ease and helps to shorten the learning curve. Goonzu Online distinguishes itself from the rest of traditional battle focused MMORPGs by simulating the real world social aspects like politics, real-time trading, stock exchanges, and resident voting system.

NDOORS Corp has development teams which consist of highly experienced developers (more than 15 years of experience) in both areas of PC and console game development and Tae-Gon Kim, the R&D director of NDOORS Corp, is recognized as one of the top three star developers in Korea.

For more on this game, click here.

Jon Wood
Managing Editor


  • ArtaiosArtaios Member UncommonPosts: 550
    This game has maybe some Bad gfx but the gameplay is not bad.

    Really Nice Crafting/economy/politics system.

  • kirillos11kirillos11 Member Posts: 3
    Overall i think Goonzu is a great game.The gameplay is great and the graphics are good but there are too many users on Goonzu in 1 spot so it causes major lag.This game is great but you have to be prepared for extreme lag.
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