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SWG 2??

bryan58bryan58 Member Posts: 55
I heard from a friend some time ago... probably 2-3 months ago that a gaming company(the name doesnt come to mind) bought rights from SOE to make a SWG 2. Now I dont know if this is true, hence the reason it is in the Rumor room, but I tell you what.. i would go play it in a heartbeat. All the changes they made with SWG has actually made the game worse than it ever was before. Anyways... has anyone else heard about this rumor?


  • .bLur.bLur Member Posts: 19

    The new PCgamer (US) responded to this rumor- they said that LucasArts is sticking with SOE and SWG for the "long haul" but they wouldn't comment on Bioware recently going to work in Austin Tx on a new MMO, or if that MMO is using SWG's technology to build another SW MMO (not necessarily a SWG2- some are saying more like "kotor online")

    Either way- it's gonna be a long, long time before anything's released.  With SOE convinced, determined, or committed (like a sociopath) to these god-awful, ridiculous changes (worst combat system of any SP or MP game... EVER) I'm sure rumors like this will continue to fly around until some kind (any kind) of new SW MMO launches.

  • StalJesterStalJester Member Posts: 66
    I would run back to SWG 2 in a heartbeat.  SWG was so nice back in the old days.  It really dug out a spot in my heart for itself.  And I was a freaking musician.

  • JackBauer24JackBauer24 Member Posts: 283

    My demands to go back to the good SWG are the following

    Bring back everything old

    Keep the FPS content (I dont know why but thats the ONLY thing i like about the NGE

    Capital Ships

    More Planets (If SOE ran out of planets use Starwars Empire at War)

    More Weapons

    More PPL (real ppl i mean lol)

    Make more enriched missions/quests/rewards

    And less lag for those O so good PvP battles i missed

    Do the following and not only will you beat WOW (which has currently about 6mil ppl) (*Think of all that $$$$$$$$$$ for SOE if they actually deserve it and do something good for a change 6mil x 15$ month (or they raised it) )

  • Mack2000Mack2000 Member Posts: 1

    SWG lost its edge when they removed the so called "unstarwarsy" proffessions. It did have endless character development options and now its so linear its just doesnt feel like starwars anymore :(

    SWG 2 would be awesome but i'd prefer another company to create/run the game. SOE just not in my favourite list at the moment. However cant see a swg 2 for a long long time..........

  • JackBauer24JackBauer24 Member Posts: 283

    Has SWG2 been confirmed by another company or is it just a rumor on the rumor fourm lol.  Because honeslty I would buy SWG in a second Star Wars has a unique thing about it and is right being a game.  Unfortunatly it was ruined by SOE as you all know.  I want another company to create a better cooler more populated more options than SWG has ever had (even though it was sooo frckin fun in the old days) I have been trying to find an MMO like the old SWG but have never found one and hope there is a SWG2 out there that will make everyone happy and RIP DWN WOW and SWG will be poplualted with millions of ppl lol.

    Please if there is a company listening to me DO IT AND ILL PAY U lol,

  • daddystabzdaddystabz Member Posts: 63
    I would LOOOOOOOOVE for there to be a KOTOR Online.  I wouldn't hold my breath though.
  • cheapherkcheapherk Member Posts: 59
    I kind of liked some of the changes.  I was able to become a Jedi.  I finally quit out of stubborness-  they gave free tie fighter/X-Wing shuttles to those who bought the starter kit.  Imagine being miles from a city and have the ability to summons a tie fighter/X-Wing to transport you back.  A definite time saver.  I don't like to waste time in SWG traveling (I quit for the first time several months after it's release because it was a real drag walking to distant missions or even to explore.  I  joined again after the introduction of vehicles which made traveling a lot better0.  In order to get the ability to summons an tie fighter or X-Wing, you have to buy the starter kit.  Why the heck would I want to fork out more money to buy a game I already had.  The least they could do it give this ability to veteran players.  That's why I quit this time- oiut of sheer stubborness.

    I haven't heard about any SWG2 rumor.

    Originally posted by bryan58
    I heard from a friend some time ago... probably 2-3 months ago that a gaming company(the name doesnt come to mind) bought rights from SOE to make a SWG 2. Now I dont know if this is true, hence the reason it is in the Rumor room, but I tell you what.. i would go play it in a heartbeat. All the changes they made with SWG has actually made the game worse than it ever was before. Anyways... has anyone else heard about this rumor?

  • AelfinnAelfinn Member Posts: 3,857
    A new SWG without SOE screwing everything over? Hell yeah, this is one rumor I would not mind seeing come true in the least

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  • DeserttFoxxDeserttFoxx Member UncommonPosts: 2,401
    If swg2 came out like knights of the old republic, iw ould play it, KOTOR1 and 2 where awesome games.

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  • DaMan1788DaMan1788 Member Posts: 5
    Hmmm. I played SWG, but I quit before all the CHANGES. I'm really glad I did because from posts I've read it saved me from being a very mad person :D. I was a CH and Scout. Not sure on the rumor, but I really don't buy into it. Maybe if it was like a totally different setting in Star Wars lore it would work and could be very interesting.

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  • NagomiNagomi Member Posts: 3
    I'd hope that if a SWG2 type game came out that you could carry over some of your items and/or character skills in some form or manner.  I was friekin loaded
  • JackBauer24JackBauer24 Member Posts: 283

    I also have an idea if and I really really really hope that SWG2 does come out (or something like it) for it.    I think to prevent everyone from being Jedi, Bh, or any of the popular professions you should make them incredibally hard.  I mean specifically Jedi.  The old SWG was hard  but I think you can go one more step.  If you think about it Jedi's are something special so why dont we make the process special/hard/fun.  As for the other proffessions so were not all Jedi, what if they had access to stuff that other proffessions did not.  For example, maybe the Jedi can go in the Acadamy and search the Archives for cool facts about planets or something but other proffessions cannot.  Bounty Hunters, well they can hunt real people and why not let them have a building as well where all teh Bounty Hunters meet or something like that.  Politicians can go in that big place where they have discussions lol.   I would also like to see places where there are big battles.  I remember going to battlefields and being soo excited for the first time but all i saw were like 25 on each side taht was a real bore.  I also think that Politics should be a part of the game.  I stated this too a few times but what the hay.  I think the timeline should take place between the Clone Wars and the Rise of the Sith.  Less known more oppurtunities and not as difficult as SWG's timeline.  And maybe just maybe you can customize what your gun looks like I dont know how it would work just an idea. 

    Thx for listening :)

  • DrWolfDrWolf Member Posts: 7
    I'm Col. DrWolfenstein Godsize  of the intrepid server since swg"s inception and loved everything about the game since i started a scout ,CH. I was first pissed about the limitation on the CL cap. I liked running thru town with 2 graul maulers or 3 grand wrixes before they were nerfed and i mastered all the great proff's BH,Commando,Jedi,CM, and i never really thought the good times would end. I took every "upgrade" in stride and kept playing. but the NGE really blew me away! over night my jedi that i spent months grooming was suddenly replaced with a jedi that was just like everyone elses. and the combat was retarded. the attack que was gone, and the attacks were rediculous to execute. I have been in constant state of mouring over the loss of my jedi and friends of the intrepid server for over 8 months now if anyone see's any facts on a SWG2 like game pleeeeeze lemme know! and about making it harder to attain certain proffs...i could care less, i had masters of every proff i liked and wouldnt care how many were on a server, everybody wants to have a badass and a crafter, and a whatever they like  to do, as soon as you start bitching about what everybody else is doing is how you get what happened to SWG!...So if we ever do get another SWG.... stfu and live with it so they dont change it!!!
  • jaysnooginzjaysnooginz Member Posts: 7
    Bioware would totally own SOE if they made a MMO.
  • JackBauer24JackBauer24 Member Posts: 283

    Bioware would totaly own SOE your right lol.  I think that it would be a very smart decision to make SWG2 after they are done with their recent game.  Then Bioware can buy out SOE and destroy it from the inside.  Thats my dream.

    Note:  Only half could happen . (I hope its the SWG2 part :) )

  • dkt1138dkt1138 Member Posts: 2

    i have also heard the rumors that bioware bought the rights to SWG. I don't recall where i read it or heard it from so i can't link a newsrelase. I was excited. I'm with everyone else, if its a KOTOR online game, that would be sick.

    we can only hope.


  • JackBauer24JackBauer24 Member Posts: 283
    I would really really like that to be true.  If Bioware did that I'm going back to SWG.  I hope though that they create a new one.  My suggestions are on the Suggeston Fourm on SWG. 
  • DiatribeDiatribe Member Posts: 55
    Back before SoE got their hands on EverQuest (when it was done by Verant), things were fine and fun.  Then SoE got their hands on EQ1, it bacame a major money making device for them and quality went out the window, the crap started the flow and the game slowely ceased being fun.

    EVERY game that SoE's had their hands in since then as also followed suit of starting out fun and then dying a horrible, horrible death.

    I'm afraid for DC Comics online world since SoE is doing it.  I had such high hopes for it too!


    So many games, so little time!

  • Shadow_FoxShadow_Fox Member UncommonPosts: 47

    Yea I agree with the second poster about Bioware getting the license from LA to create another Star Wars Galaxies. Its already known and made public that Bioware has a new studio in Austin Texas to create MMO's and even though they are being hush hush on their current project what would be the purpose to hire ex-SOE employee's and were not talking about only one employee being hired, plus they are bringing abord some guys from EA are being hired. The possiblity of a new Star Wars Galaxies is high at the moment. Once I find the link where I got this info I'll post it here and re-edit this post.

    *Edit* Found the link, here ya go!------> http://www.bioware.com/bioware_info/press_releases/2006_03_15_Austin/

  • EuthorusEuthorus Member Posts: 491
    and here I was coming back to SWG only to see some horribly simplified crap  :(

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  • Shadow_FoxShadow_Fox Member UncommonPosts: 47

    Has anyone looked at wikipedia lately and look up Bioware. Did you see the title that is listed there? Star Wars Galaxies: The Old Republic. And its not mentioned as a rumored title on there. Just thought you may want to take a look at that. Here is the link ---> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bioware#Games 

  • MrAzgaardMrAzgaard Member Posts: 36
    Would be cool. but i guess SWG died whit NGE.

    *BTW anyone know a good crafting game, SWG crafting?*

    Whats the time again
  • GrindPlzGrindPlz Member Posts: 147
    they really killed swg

    I love MMorpgs..

  • Validus---Validus--- Member Posts: 3

    Pre-CU SWG was the dogs b*ll*cks for me. I LOVED that game. Even when I hated it if I was grinding, something always kept me going back and when the CU hit. That was it, I was gutted. They messed up pretty big with that one.

    It's surprising how many SWG fans are actually out there, posting on various forums and trolling various boards. I've taken a look at SWG emu but don't reckon much to it at the moment.

  • DarthoriousDarthorious Member UncommonPosts: 70

    Well for anyone that doesn't know yes they are planning on a SWG2 and how do I know?

    That represenative of Lucas Arts (some lady says she's the senior director for SWG but at the same time I was told she is a rep. directly from LA so who knows lol) made aq statement they are currently planning on a SWG2 and once re-leased they will continue to support SWG.  She made no mention of who was working on it or if SOE would have any involvment...

    I'll try to find the link...

    OK found one link but it's not the one I saw, for the quote and link see below.  I'll keep looking for the other link...

    "MacIntyre believes that, over the long haul, the monthly subscription
    model will disappear from the MMOG market and will evolve to the
    selling of virtual items, an in-game economy, and the selling of
    premium services. But, she says, not immediately.

    "Not all games are set up around the buying and
    selling of items, which would make it very difficult to take a game
    like 'Star Wars Galaxies' and make that transition," she says. But, she
    adds, when "Star Wars Galaxies 2" is developed -- perhaps in 2008 or
    2009 -- things will be different. "If we were starting to build 'Star
    Wars Galaxies' today, we would absolutely consider building it from the
    ground up with premium services.""

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