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What's with runescape?

AguyAguy Member Posts: 561

Jagex, the company that owns runescape, is totally falling apart!! Runescape is now full of autoers(bots) ,scammers, beggars and people with foul mouths. I'm pretty much going towards the word noob. It's used too much in runescape. Also, they have the worst censor system ever!! It's way too sensitive! And, they've completly shut themselves away from the community!! If you use the customer support sysytem and send them mail, you have a 99% chance of getting a computer response saying they haven't read your letter.

Absolutely horrible eh?


  • JakniteJaknite Member Posts: 51
    I was having the same problem with Runescape and Jagex's lack of responsibility these days. I had enough of all the bots, scammers, and foul mouths so I decided Runescape was over for me.


  • NeonShadowNeonShadow Member UncommonPosts: 326
    lol RuneScape has been like this for years.
  • djnexusdjnexus Member Posts: 677
    Runescape sucks to begin with.....

  • auryxauryx Member UncommonPosts: 93

    Not sure if it's related, but Jagex have been advertising pretty heavily in the job press here in the UK recently, so maybe they're aware that people aren't happy and are bringing on new staff to help.


  • AguyAguy Member Posts: 561
    That's amazing. People in the US think there to lazy to hire anyone lol ^_^
  • auryxauryx Member UncommonPosts: 93
    Yeah, there are quite a few vacancies, including game content staff, software engineers, and customer service too, so maybe things are gonna improve for Runescape players! Haven't played it myself so don't know. Anyway, for proof, here's the site, click on the "jobs" link:


  • XpheyelXpheyel Member Posts: 704

    NeonShadow is right on. You're complaining about nothing new. And, no one can even look up an imprecation in the dictionary that hasn't been used since 1987 and elude the chat-censor. Would you get OVER that? Ok, some can probably use a bizarre combination of letters and symbols to type out a word that can be taken as ungentle language... Who cares? If you're offended by asterisks, frankly, * you. Thats crazy.

    The customer support was destroyed by players. There isn't even a reason to have anymore. The only role it could actually play would be bug reporting. Even the in game thing is probably hopelessly flooded with people reporting the quasi-word noob and things that are already asterisk-ed out. Customer support can't help you if you have some insanely unbalancing idea or if someone with xxxVegetaxxx in their said FU on world 43 last week. Personally, I think working in CS for an MMORPG would be like the open pit of hell. I'd enter a suicide pact with the community managers and we'd drink the Spirit Kool-Aid at the next company picnic. Then the company would replace us with bots and say we were still on the pay roll.


  • AguyAguy Member Posts: 561

    Oh no an asterik!! *

    Im not scared of it. If you check out rants in the runescape forum your bound to find at least one thread about something ive talked about.

  • Blaize110Blaize110 Member Posts: 20

    I don't think Runescape will ever be brilliant!

  • FeldronFeldron Member UncommonPosts: 337

    Yes Runescape has always been like this, but its has gotten worse

    However i actually think the ratio of these guys has gone down from where it was in the past its just that the game has some many players that you are bound to run across one of the guys more fequently as they stand out like a sore thumb

    Its heavily played by middle schoolers (down have to install stuff and can play anywhere)

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