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Pirates of the Burning Sea: New Video

StraddenStradden Managing EditorMember CommonPosts: 6,696

The good and hearty folk over at Flying Labs Software, the developers of Pirates of the Burning Sea, have announced the release of a brand new video:


You've clamored, you've demanded, you've poked and you have prodded, all in the hopes of seeing a brand new video trailer for Pirates of the Burning Sea.

Well, poke and prod no more! Flying Lab Software is pleased to announce the world premier of the latest Pirates of the Burning Sea video production, graciously hosted by our friends at the Coldfront Network!

Once again directed by Sevker, the renowned master of machinima, this trailer boasts an original and evocative soundtrack, as well as a phenomenal cast of characters recruited directly from our very own beta testing community.

But wait, there's more! With the introduction of this video, we are pleased to announce that the video production schedule has been adjusted so that we may bring you a new Pirates of the Burning Sea video at least once, and sometimes twice, every month.

We hope you enjoy our latest work, and we encourage you to share both your feedback on this video, and your ideas for the future.

Without further ado, download your very own copy of the world premier Pirates of the Burning Sea game play trailer by visiting this link!

Enjoy, won't you?
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Jon Wood
Managing Editor


  • McgreagMcgreag Member UncommonPosts: 495

    Good looking trailer but I really didn't like the music. To set the correct pirate mood you need fitting music, the best I have heard so far are the music for Tropico 2: Pirates Cove. While the game it self is a but lacking it does a very good job as setting the mood thru music and sound.

    "Memories are meant to fade. They're designed that way for a reason."

  • felix77felix77 Member Posts: 84
    This game looks pretty cool, signed up for the beta but no responce yet. Hopefully I'll get to try it before launch.
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