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Dark and Light: SoG Extended

StraddenStradden Managing EditorMember CommonPosts: 6,696

Dark and Light has announced that the prequel to their game, titled The Settlers of Ganareth, will be extended until May 15th. This decision is likley influenced by the company's decision to push back the release date of their game.


The SoG character who will be used for the inheritance will be the highest leveled character. If multiple characters reached the same level, only one of them will be kept. The best way to choose the character that you want as your ancestor is to keep only one character in each account, and to delete the others before SoG ends. However, if some people fail to keep only one of them, the character chosen as the ancestor will be the oldest character (the one that was created first).

The commemorative stele that will be kept on Dark and Light’s lands will be the stele associated with the character from which Pioneers will gain their inheritance. Warning, steles placed on gaming zones (roads, villages, departure and arrival points of transports and the al-drifa barony) will be deleted.

Goths’ repartition for the heir will be made according to the following (these amounts are totally independent of the amount the Pioneer had in SoG): 250 000 Goths if your character has reached level 35 200 000 Goths if your character has reached level 30 or higher 150 000 Goths if your character has reached level 20 or higher 100 000 Goths if your character has reached level 10 or higher 50 000 Goths if your character has reached a lower level than 10

A specific command will allow Pioneers, whenever they wish to use it and on whichever character they want to use it for, to activate their inheritance. This command will be sent by e-mail to every Pioneer.

Additionally the final level of the Pioneers’ ancestor will be transferred to the character that receives the inheritance.

Irzigandar will send the ultimate information to Pioneers by e-mail before Dark and Light begins.
See you very soon!


The time has come for Pioneers to place their commemorative stele in the world of Ganareth and to reach the highest level available on their character for those who still haven’t done it... the countdown for the end of SoG has begun.

Many questions appeared as the closure draws nearer. Here is how Pioneers will find their inheritance at the beginning of Dark and Light.

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Jon Wood
Managing Editor


  • PashoPasho Member Posts: 85

    I guess the "settlers" got owned again....


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