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Topic management

ClaudeFRClaudeFR Member Posts: 376


i mentioned already once, reasking now:

Is it possible to have a point in the usercenter/account where i can manage "my" topics ?

1. See new answers in topics your participate in
2. See new answers to topics since last login (game selection here?)
3 See new TOPICS (not answers, new threads) in forums you are interessted in (selectionlist)

etc etc.

You get the idea. Possible ?
Of course it is...so, i rephrase:

"I bet you cant do this, its to difficult..." ::::39::



  • britocabritoca Member Posts: 1,484
    i agree, we need a simple link where we click and have all our subscribed topics listed and their corresponding info (last commented on, etc).

    -virtual tourist
    want your game back?

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