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Specific Sections for Current Beta, and Current Trials for MMO's

My title pretty much says it

I think it would be great to have a section on your site for Current Beta Sign ups... and a section for current MMO's with 1 week or 2 week or whatever it happens to be Trails.

I know you have a beta forum going .. but i've checked in the last few days and I think it's basically EXACTLY the same posts every time on the first page.. so .. heh.. not too much activity.. Ok true it's not like there are new Beta's every day .. but that's kinda my point as well.

It's simply much easier to have a part of the site dedicated to having a CURRENT list of all the games in BETA form.. etc... even Alpha... you know.. testing stages that people can sign up for.. it would be a simple page to add really.. just the title of the game.. and what stage it is in...

But .. the really good one to have in there is the section for TRIALS ... for example.. you have your 14 day trial of City of Villains you would have up there... the new 7 day Trial of Dungeons & Dragons: Online would be up there as well... stuff like that.

The Trial section is good because that would mean anybody on your site could simply read up on a game that interests them.. then go to the GAME TRIALS page and see if that game has a Trial going on and BAM.. they can go and check out that game and if they like it that very day..

Or .. vice versa... see that there is a new Trial up.. and then check out some more info on your site about it to see if it's worth checking out!

Either way... it's just a good page to have up cus it's instant access to a game.. and hell.. that IS why we come here in the FIRST PLACE right?? heheh.. to check out games... what better way to check out a game than to try it?

Ok sorry for the long post.. I do that... I hope this is helpfull .. I know me, my friends and bro.. etc.. would love those features.. and I think it would be a simple thing to do for you guys since you have this info all the time in the news anyway.. it would just be more localised and organised... ok I'll shut up now! lol .. CIAO!!



  • SimplyMichaeSimplyMichae Member Posts: 86

    Well, the "Downloads" tab (here) includes all the trials offered.

    As far as betas go the "Game List" tab can be sorted by clicking on the 'status' column (like this) to display all games currently in beta as a group.

    It's not organized quite as nicely as your suggestion, but you should be able to find everything pretty easily until they get around to fancying things up.

    ~ Michael

  • NikePortugalNikePortugal Member Posts: 21

    Yeah sorry, I realised after that you basically had all the trial offers in the downloads section of the website.. and that you DID show what games were in Beta form in the games list.

    Sorry about that.. I still think it would be fancier as you put it to have dedicated pages.. but honestly this is effective enough if you take the time to look for it..

    Which... I guess I didn't..


  • NikePortugalNikePortugal Member Posts: 21

    Oh ok.. I got another one

    heheh.. Ok well in the profile options.. I can set up the option to get email alerts on certain games and "General MMORPG news" .. stuff..

    So how bout an option to get notified of Beta News??

    That way if I don't happen to remember or i'm to busy to check the site one day I don't miss out on a chance to register or something .. cus who doesn't check their email everyday right?

    I think that's a good idea... I'd consider that one..


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