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will this be like wow or guild wars

i hope its like wow with loads of people all around and not like guild wars

is there any date yet 4 lotr online

so what will it b like wow or guild wars


  • WuduLarchWuduLarch Member Posts: 140

    I don't think it will be like either one, but if I had to say which of those two it will more like, I would say WoW. Not that it will be like WoW, but more like WoW than GW.

  • IbacaiIbacai Member Posts: 71
    Well, it's not really like either. I guess you could say it's more like WoW because of the seamless world but that's not a lot to base a comparison on.

  • katarn0katarn0 Member Posts: 3
    As others have said, it will be like them in that it will be a seamless world, but there wont be as many people on it as WoW because not as many people will sign up.  But it will also be different as once you do something in a certain area you will be able to walk through it and not see anything while newer players will probably have a battle going on there.

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