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 for a game that looks so AMAZING!!! i can't find any hype on it.. (i want to know if it still has a fall release date).. theirs hardly anything on the main site (wierd) but their are a few obscure previews on it here . Do yourself a vafor and check it out.. this game is friggin COOL...


  • EarlyWarningEarlyWarning Member Posts: 3
     oh Yeah here is the main site.. :) killer intro . but really a sparse site.. some bad screen shots that don't do it justice and some Propoganda.. and that's it.. wierd.. but whatev. 
  • RidetsuRidetsu Member Posts: 41
    here's something you might like...


    its what he guy is playing as he is talking in the first post... hope you like it XD

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  • theanimedudetheanimedude Member UncommonPosts: 1,610

    ive been reading/watching everything on this game that I found in this post and I will say... holy crap this game is absolutely amazing.

    This game really is the most amazing simulation ever.

    From a programmers standpoint, what they have done is absolutely amazing. The mathematics behind everything that game does is mind boggling, and I am just stunned.

    ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! ::::06::


  • zoltarggzoltargg Member Posts: 11
    ^About sums it up, game looks godly amazing....BUMP

  • Database82Database82 Member Posts: 179
    Will Wright is the man!

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  • TolkienTolkien Member Posts: 28
    It looks boring to me and besides evolution is fake.

  • Ice_MageIce_Mage Member Posts: 3
    I do hope Spore will be a good game. I really do enjoy playing games like that. Especially from Will Write, I can see myself getting addicted to it big time!
  • EarlyWarningEarlyWarning Member Posts: 3

    Originally posted by Tolkien
    It looks boring to me and besides evolution is fake.

    LMAO.. *whew.. wipes away tears* 

     i don't know which of your comments is funnier.. the game not being fun or the evolution being fake.

    but seriously now *tries to calm down the room* aside from the few AWSOME videos on spore..  their is no info on release date... well all i could find was a 4th quarter realease.. but nothing specific.

    LOL... ahhhh.. fake.

  • kingdomkingdom Member Posts: 49
    the game does look awesome i've been following it since Wil introduced it in e3 and couldn't find mutch more dirt on the game...
  • Dru72Dru72 Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 57
    I agree, from what I've seen & heard about this game I can't wait for it's release, it's clearly going to be IMO the "big" thing :P

  • zoltarggzoltargg Member Posts: 11
    i headed on over to www.sporesite.com to see what its like, and its a pretty good website over there.  good forums, first page is a news page w/ lots o' info, and well...just a great site.  i'd head over there if i were you to get more info on this game

  • damngdamng Member Posts: 8
    is this a MMO? or single player? i got confused when he said "other players" not sure if he meant other people connected to that server, or NPCs. i really hope MMO .

    either way, this game looks great. i love how they formed from RPG in the beginning, then made it to RTS near the beginning/middle. 

    OH I JUST CANT WAIT >< now i have 2 games on my really-want-list: RO2, and Spore. thanks for thread guys. 


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