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Short review on AA

Clever_GloveClever_Glove Member Posts: 996

I gave AA a run this weekend.  If you want to fight orcs and dragons AA isn't for you. If you've watch the "road warrior" and thought, damn I too want to be Mel Gibson and mow down my foes in my Ford Falcon. Then AA is a game for you.

AA is very twitchy, it's pretty much as twitchy as a single person driving game. Your not going to be able to AFK during a fight they you can other games.

Once you get a melee weapon (large spikes off the front of your car) you can run over people/things for exp. It's lots of fun.

The game is very mission/quest centric.

It's solo freindly

Very Fast paced mob fights, more player skill than I've seen in a MMO.

PvP is volentary, no level 80's in the pwn n00bs in the starting zone.

Real physics are fun to play with.

Comunity is small, bit a Big Fish in a Small Pond :)

If you looking for something different, and you like driving games. AA is worth a try.

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