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MU Online is now P2P

awesomoawesomo Member Posts: 31

You can now pay for this game.
Wanted to let everyone know that because its not mentioned at news.

You will still be able to play for free on the Wigle and Maya server but only to level 60 if you don't pay when your above lvl 60 you won't be able to login but your characters will be reserved for 60 days.

There will be a new server with more maps and items for the people who pay. You can transfer your character from the Wigle and Maya server to the Paying server so you don't have to start all over again.

More info can be found here


  • el_rafael_rafa Member Posts: 31

    I have seen that today....

    Damn... and it costs like $33 for 3 months... I think most of Mu players are going to quit... because the first thing atractive about this game at the beginning was not the game itself (now it has changed, the new guys from K2 are making it better) but it was atractive because it was FREE...

    This must be the first REAL TEST Mu is going to have... if it is good enough to be P2P

    Best Regards


  • Sai0Sai0 Member Posts: 7
    There goes my knight then. =/

    I'm shocked they could even pull off P2P after what happen over the years, with the hacking and duping. Then again its also been years since I last played.
  • FireburstFireburst Member UncommonPosts: 200
    I moved over to MUPH. It just seems to be run better and it is also a little cheaper.

  • Takai001Takai001 Member Posts: 248
    Wow... This game isn't one that should cost monthly... It reminds me a lot of Diablo and I know for a fact that most will quit because of the pay feature.

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  • FireburstFireburst Member UncommonPosts: 200
    The game is actually a very nice game to play. But then again I like the isometric viewpoint where many do not. The graphics are much nicer than Diablo although it is more like a hack and slash.

  • ridz16ridz16 Member Posts: 3
    omg! I cannot believe this. that's too bad Mu is going payed. I guess more people will go to private servers then

    I can't blame the K2 though, they must have spent lots of money improving this game. Although I haven't played this game for a few months now, I remember how it got better after the K2 operate it.

  • SighTzSighTz Member Posts: 12
    Yeah, i was pissed when i found out its going pay. After years sure, had been free, but not make free for people who were over 60.. K2 SUCKS!! Lost my nearly 80 char, plus i had gotten 2 chaos, a soul, and a bless within 2 days, which was when i had found it its going pay..


  • FireburstFireburst Member UncommonPosts: 200
    You don't have to pay. K2 still has a free server. The pay to play server just has more maps and better exp.

  • gonen94gonen94 Member Posts: 35

    Now its sucks!

  • max001max001 Member UncommonPosts: 95
    I believe many will not pay since this game have been running for quite a long time. This game is old if you know what i mean


  • xxxmonkxxxxxxmonkxxx Member Posts: 257
    85% of mu's playerbase WENT RIGHT OUT THE WINDOW

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