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Shadowbane vs. The Forum

RaptorStormRaptorStorm Member Posts: 312

Ok, after reading a whole hell of a lot of posts and constantly shaking my head to some of the comments and reasons people don't like Shadowbane, most of the bashing sounds just like people bashing SWG for not having vehicles... it eventually will and is driving around in a hover car that important to enriching game play, seriously.

I quit playing Shadowbane for reasons that I haven't even seen discussed on this forum.

For everyone that hated the Lag, ya I hated the lag too but that's something fixable and they did fix it. The server end of the game had to keep track of so much upkeep and upgrading time along with everything else, so as long as you understood that with any MMORPG there is going to be problems and be patient about it, the problems will get resolved.

Some people complained that they hated the point and click interface. Well I can't say much because that is merely personal preference but to judge the game for others based on this is pretty weak. So many games out there use point and click, like every RTS and every diablo type game, people can easily get accustom to a point and click system, if they like it or not is just opinion.

I have played UO, Asheron's Call, DAoC, EQ, Planetside, EVE, Ragnarok, Priston Tale and I still enjoyed Shadowbane, the other games out there are not superior, just different. The major wars that I was involved in on Shadowbane and the destruction of cities and the fall and rise of nations... no other mmorpg had any of that and man was that all fun as hell, on top of that you could find vendors and buy and build forges and set up your vendors to craft items, all of that was great because it gave you so much more to do then just go out and kill monsters all day.

I read in a post someone complaining about the graphics. I would really like to play the games they are playing. In all the games I play now Shadowbane was just as good as the rest. It wasn't the best graphic game on the block but it sure did kick the crap out of UO and Ragnarok, so it defiantly wasn't the least.

I also read complaints about leveling being to fast, this struck me as odd because most people want to always level their character as fast a possible and exploit game bugs to do so. At least in Shadowbane the game was designed to not be based around character leveling, it was supposed to be all about spending time building or helping your nation grow. Instead of leveling your character you could be in a giant war with a rival nation, which was a nice vacation from the normal mmorpg play.

I could, but don't want to, go on and on about the 'lame', lack of a better word, excuses about why people don't like Shadowbane. Shadowbane was meant to be a social game where the player driving communities flourished. The reason the game lost so many people was because the game drew the wrong crowd.

The game was meant for a few Nations to be holding all the players and the players to have a respect for the chain of command and everyone helps their city blossom. Well that didn't happen. If you are not a social person, you won't be able to play this game at all. In order to do well and to get anywhere in Shadowbane you need communication skills and a general social attitude. The people that I saw in game hating Shadowbane where the people that are not very good at talking to others and they just want to go out on there own and do their own thing. Besides being insanely hard to kill monsters and level by your self, if you couldn't follow the orders of your guild you would be kicked out of it and players that didn't belong to guilds where usually killed on sight by other guilds. So those that played Shadowbane wanting to do their own thing will and did hate it to no end. The other down fall was that those that wanted to be something in the world all wanted their own city. Instead of Nations coming together and ruling in power, tons of little nothing cities were all over the place because everyone wanted to be in charge and be the one to give orders instead of take them. All this did was start insane pandemonium and random PKing chaos. No one could agree with each other because there was no reason to. Having a Nation didn't mean squat in the game and having allies was just as trivial. Allies more often then not would back out of helping you if you were attacked and being a Nation with several cities were so much of a choir that playing the game became a second job because only you and your closest buddies would run everything, no one else had any real allegiance to anything and would always rather spend there money on themselves instead of helping there nation. That's why the game flopped like it did, the wrong people were playing the wrong type of game.

Those are my views... seen through a broken glass.

Smith & Wesson: The original point and click interface.


  • BeornwulfBeornwulf Member Posts: 19

    100% agree great game

    I saw the same happen over and over ill join your guild beg to be power lvled beg for gold whine about pked but never join group to hunt  down those pker and never comeing to help during sieges and never helping the lower members. Its a game where u join the guild for the guild not for what they can do for u.

  • KiamdeKiamde Member CommonPosts: 5,820

    Well I quit after I got rushed 3 times in a day by a high level player and I secured the choice of closing my account when my friend's town was demolished by hackers. That was the last straw. I don't care how they improved the bugs, the lag, and the interface in the last 6 months, but I thought it was all bad and that impression is still with me and will stay with me. Great review though. You showed Shadowbane from both angles-the good and the bad.

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  • Regal_TRRegal_TR Member Posts: 249
    lol Kiamde, town demolished by hackers...You play on Scorn by any chance?

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