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Afterlife Recruiting

MMO_MunkMMO_Munk Member Posts: 299
Hello everyone, we are the Afterlife, and are accepting new members =p

We own a PoS (Player owned Station)

We are looking for just about anyone to fill our ranks.

We actively hold Mining Ops, and rat hunting, mission running, in our own Territory =p

From newbie to old School vet. All are welcome to join us.

We are a small corp so their is room for advancement as we grow.

We are a Diplomatic corp, we are not in any alliances, and have no sworn enemies.

Everything the corp does we vote on, as a whole. We share just about everything.

If this sounds like this is for you then please shoot Panpan an in game eve-mail or simply fly to Osmeden and apply yourself

We are looking for active people who are willing to work as a team. Hope to see you in game.


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