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Ohhh Yes

World Of Starcraft


Aww Crap Its April 1st..... Hmmmm

There may be alot of Unhappy people...

That would be a perfect prank too.

And the timing almost makes it seem that way

By Staff Posted Apr 1, 2006 12:01 am PT


  • DaEm0nDaEm0n Member Posts: 520

    Yeah, it could be an April fools joke.

    Just like that one time when they said you could unlock Sonic and Tails in Super Smash Bros. Melee, but then they said, "April Fools!" (-_-)


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  • NeptusNeptus Member UncommonPosts: 988

    I love april fools jokes on gaming websites.

    It was 2002 when I saw my favorite one.

    Dare Devil for ps2/xbox/gamecube The First Person Shooter

    It was funny cause it had screenshots of just total darkness.

    But, one on Electronic Gaming Monthly actually came true. After FFX came out, they said squarenix would make FFX-2.

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