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EverQuest II: Bi-Weekly Q&A #4

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Scott Hartsman, the Senior Producer of EverQuest II, and Chris Junior, a designer, tackle this new Q&A from Carolyn Koh. The focus of this interview is player vs. player combat.  A snippet from the interview is below:

MMORPG.com: Are there any spells currently in the game that are considered unbalancing enough that they will not be able to be used or heavily modified for PvP?
Chris Junior:

In one way or another, just about every spell in the game has been modified to have differing effects when used in PvP combat.

Melee damage, Combat Arts and Spells all have varying modifiers in place to either increase or decrease their damage. Some peak damage abilities like Ice Comet require additional tempering to ensure that battles are fun for everyone, and don’t become completely one-sided due to a single overpowering ability.

It was our goal when implementing the system to ensure that all abilities available to a player were represented for PvP. Even though spells like Possession have been disabled when used against a player, the spell can still be used against a creature in the game that can in turn attack a player.

To read our entire interview, please follow this link.

- MMORPG.COM Staff -

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  • ChronoLordChronoLord Member Posts: 13
    Seems like this will be a pretty good update. Good job guys
  • SarvanSarvan Member Posts: 35
    Good read!
  • Nameless-OneNameless-One Member Posts: 1

    PvP is like meat of MMORPGs...gamers can enjoy PvP only when its done properly....balacing issues and various other fun factors hav to b considered...its good tht Sony seems to b gettin it rite 

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