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Will Funcom improve on their success?

Will Funcom improve on their success on such games as
Anarchy Online?

The new games Dreamfall and Age of Conan looks amazing, and the hype around both games seams to be enormous.

What do you think? Will funcom make a better game than
Anarchy Online


  • XenduliXenduli Member Posts: 654

    Such a loaded question; that's like asking will a DVD recorder be better than VHS?

    No annoying animated GIF here!

  • Stratus8Stratus8 Member Posts: 173
    I think so, considering how old Anarchy Online is, its still a great game.. The graphics in AoC looks great and better coding would certainly make that game better
  • Phoenix_HawkPhoenix_Hawk Member UncommonPosts: 189

    There is more to a game and certainly more to AO than its graphics. AoC for instance from what I've read really holds no interest to me, looks nice enough but what is in it doesn't really make me want to play it.

  • madleet3madleet3 Member UncommonPosts: 25
    AO still doing fine too even its a old game
    if u compare to swg has gone downdrain with its NGE

  • SvayvtiSvayvti Member Posts: 160

    Comparing AO to Dreamfall is Apples and Oranges my friend.

    Totally different types of games that for the most part appeal to totally different player bases. I do expect Dreamfall will be a success, but it has nothing to do with Funcom's MMO projects. Plus Ragnar Tornquist (Misspelled sorry) always seemed to have the golden touch for making things fun even if they didn't entirely work in AO. He lead the creation of Dreamfall.

    For any of the MMO projects I'll wait and see what happens.

  • DeletedAcctDeletedAcct Member Posts: 883
    Better is a subjective term. Better graphics? Absolutely. But better crafting? Better quest system? Remains to be seen when it becomes playable. Also, you have to consider that alot of us play to get away from the "wizards and warriors" theme. Sure, AO is fantasy but it is sci-fi fantasy, a sorely lacking genre in the mmo realm. AO also caters to those who have a fairly high amount of braincells active to get the most enjoyment from it as well as a well-established community. Personally, I will try AoC when it comes out for the fact that it is from Funcom and they have impressed me with AO and, although not an mmo, I have enjoyed The Longest Journey and Dreamfall immensely. But will it remove my love and loyalty to AO? Never.
  • beautyisinbeautyisin Member Posts: 405
    Totally different games, but better than Ao in a word No...


  • nixixnixix Member Posts: 21
    I still feel the AO community is top notch, but have a bit of the beaten dog syndrome. No matter how bad we get spanked with the newspaper we still wait and stay by FC's side.
    Judging only by the last time I logged in to my account (free now, I let my paid ones lapse) there has been one? patch since Christmas. Going on inference alone, I'd say FC has turned almost all it's attention on the new games.
    What that means, exactly, we'll see soon enough.

  • BeanchillaBeanchilla Member Posts: 260

    i think so
    they can only get better

    if they did so well with anarchy online
    which is still amazing
    i look forward to conan

    i dont even know the books or the history
    nor am a big fantasy fan
    but since i know their support and care
    and their games

    im geussing it will be fun
    and if not

    im always gonna play ao
    and they always will update

    AoC on the way

    and they are still hard at work on LE

    people get the misconception that AoC will take all of their time but honestly
    they got bigger off of AO, and now that they have enough resources are expanding
    good for them.

    They still have AO being developed and of course its something for them to fall back on.
    (beats the shit out of sony)

    Just another handsome boy graduate...

  • ElnatorElnator Member Posts: 6,077

    *looks baffled*
    Anarchy Online is a success?  Don't get me wrong, it's an 'ok' MMORPG... and I play on a free account and all... but a success?  We are talking about the same game that went bankrupt right?

    Will they be better games?  They BETTER or Funcom is in deep doo doo :)

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  • BeanchillaBeanchilla Member Posts: 260

    i have no idea what your talking about
    yes anarchy online was a success

    its the best scifi mmorpg,
    now maybe EVE fans might have something to say thats differient in opinion
    but they can at least acknowledge AO as a succesful game too

    Anarchy online acquired its a goal, a scifi mmorpg with all the bells and whistles (nanos, armor, weapons, pvp, vehicles, housing, etc.)

    They've realized 3 expansions and are hard at work on LE
    has THE greatest community ive ever played with
    and of course they are growing

    they get their money for AoC somewhere.
    they didnt just cut funds for AO

    Just another handsome boy graduate...

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