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ArawonArawon Member Posts: 1,108
I sure hope that's what this game will have. Mindless ganking....I will not pay for.


  • DaBearmanDaBearman Member Posts: 52

    The PvP will consist of arena type duels, mini games, and guild vs guild sieges. All instanced. This is on the regular servers. There was consideration of alternate server types talked about, but the last thing a dev said on the matter was that it would be FFA PvP.

    I'm with you on that. RvR or faction PvP makes so much more sense, and this game would seem to be able to facilitate it so well. The world that REH created in his stories has so many possibilities for it. Unfortunately the owners of the Conan properties didn't realize that they had given the rights to the game to a company with such a narrow focus in their game design experience, and one not willing to broaden it's design philosophy. It has an apparent lack of imagination as well.

  • TinybinaTinybina Member Posts: 2,130

    Why the would not go the Anarchy Online route and have some type of Land RvR warfare (aka Towers in AO) is beyond me.. This is assuming there not going that route....I just hope they dont have Instance PVP.....Or if they do make it mean something like you loose your Castle or land if you loose.....

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