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A Vet's Musings

Lord_VaydeLord_Vayde Member CommonPosts: 78

So I'm a bit of an AO vet. Played in the buggy days for a few months without getting much of anywhere, played in the pre-Notum Wars days and had a blast, played around with NW a bit after and still loved it and finally fell head over heels with the game when Shadowlands and all the beauty contained were introduced.

Alien Invasion was a little less impressive but I threw up a personally-funded city for awhile and enjoyed what bits and pieces I could scrounge out of the expansion.

Then something happened...

Alot of my friends disappeared and left for newer, more well-tended to games. I stuck through it, vanished every so often but kept coming back. I just loved the world so much.

And soon enough they redid the textures. Gah...the world I used to love spending hours just exploring and taking in every bit of scenery turned into this awkward botched up mess. I didnt mind the new color scheme, it was how shoddy it looked when it came to blending in with everything else. The distance texture placeholders remained the same from before, making it so the bright green suddenly turned into a dull yellowish-green after so far off the map, and the transitions from grass to stone or even just thicker grass were incredibly blocky. The map looked like a poorly played game of tetris rather than the scenic and painting-worthy view I once had from my Quantum Wings.

So...between the world suddenly becoming such a botched mess (at least on Rubi-ka) and the community I once loved seemingly gone, I left the game to find a new home.

I can't stop thinking about the game though. I loved everything about it when I played.'s my questions for those who are now playing, vets and newer players alike:

How has Funcom's behavior been? I've only noticed some rare updates but havent kept up on the forums to know how the devs are acting now. There were some issues a few years ago but I think those may have been resolved with Znore now in charge.

Also, what server do you play on? I spent my time on Rubi-ka 2 (Rimor) and would like to have some idea of how that community is doing compared to RK1 (Atlantean).

Finally...has there been any -recent- word of another texture upgrade or engine revamp? I'm perfectly willing to wait it out if an improvement has been confirmed by the devs, but the most I had to go on from before was a rumor that might be a year old by now about the engine from Age of Conan being transferred over to AO, and again...that was only a rumor.

Any *coughs* logical non-flammatory *coughs* answers are welcome and appreciated, and I hope to find some reason to return to the game I once called home!


  • Phoenix_HawkPhoenix_Hawk Member UncommonPosts: 189

    And soon enough they redid the textures. ...
    Like with anything some liked the new textures, some didn't. I thought they looked pretty decent but could have gone either way.

    How has Funcom's behavior been?

    Well, they're trying. The Professionals program seems like a good idea so we'll see how things go with that over time. Recently they put out a notice for some new coders to join the AO dev team.

    They're putting out patches here and there to do this or that. As always some work out better than others. A recent patch meant to among other things correct various pet issues some more also ended up causing pets to go rouge and attack their master or others at times. They tried to correct it the next day, that didn't work so they did a rollback on the pet code to that in the prior patch the following day.

    The stuff in LE sounds good, there is suppose to be a UI update coming from what I remember which many have wanted.

    Also, what server do you play on? ...
    Couldn't say, I'm always on RK2. Never really looked over the Rimor or Atlantean forums. Also what exactly were you looking to know anyhow?

    Finally...has there been any -recent- word of another texture upgrade or engine revamp?
    In the last response on the matter I know of late last year they said an engine upgrade was something they'd like to do but would have to wait until after LE.
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