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AAAARRRRGGGH!! They can't even make Oblivion a challenge and gotta streamline it for 4 year olds!



  • deggilatordeggilator Member Posts: 520

    I'm really tired of a minority in these boards that forms opinions with the preconceived idea that any new game is bound to be worse than old ones and "dumped down". Instead of trying the game, Zaxxtor merely gives his own prejudiced interpretation to what he's read in a forum review... can it get sillier than that? :(

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  • DhaemanDhaeman Member Posts: 531

    I'm glad that from reading these posts thus far Oblivion does seem like it will actually pose some sort of challenge. I remember playing through Morrowind for several hours before quitting and selling the game because it was so easy I was bored. I never enjoyed the game because I rarely felt the need to expend much effort to kill anything (past the first couple hours). I remember the original ES, Arena, did offer that challenge and though I didn't finish it due to my short attention span at the time I do remember how enjoyable the game was.

    Anyway, I'll be waiting for reviews to get posted before considering picking this one up. Even then, I am enjoying my time in Shadowbane - the one game where leveling is faster than WoW.

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