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Game List Updates

C8FanC8Fan Member Posts: 1


The server logged me out and I lost the nice long post I was going to make. Here it is in short:

Your game list is highly accurate but not entirely so. You fail to include the oldest MMORPG still in existance: Castle Infinity.

C8 may not be the best, but it is still good, despite the unfortunate lack of players. Designed for 7-8 year olds, it introduces an environment that is "Fun, Safe, Free!" in which they can talk and interact with eachother.

The storyline

In other words, please add C8 to your games list. Thank you!

*I changed the topic title so that other people with games not on the list wouldn't have to make a new topic

EDIT: Ergh, didn't notice the "games to add" topic at the bottom of the screen. Sorry.

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