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Is there really no good games out there atm?

ChadkChadk Member Posts: 50


I'm looking for a mmorpg atm to play, while im waiting for the beta of darkfall to start.

I have tried games like wow, which is very borring(Lack of pvp).

I tried shadowbane yesterday, which is now free. But the graphics and the engine is just horrible.

So now im standing here, searching for a game that i can play:

It must contain some very good PvP and a good crafting system(For example, the crafting system in wow is terrible)

I tried SWG yesterday. But as you only could stay at that space station, i didnt try the pvp system it had. I did like the game a bit tho. But how is the PvP in SwG? I would guess its terrible. But you never know

As im writing this atm. theres a DAoC banner in the top. Does people still play this? How is the pvp, and is it worth the money?


  • HotcellHotcell Member UncommonPosts: 279

    Seems like you really want hardcore PvP.

    Here's my recommendation in this order :

    1. Dark Age of Camelot

    2. Rising Force Online

    3. Guild Wars

    4. EVE Online

    There may be some other games worthy of PvP, but I think these four are the major ones that I have played.

  • ObraikObraik Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 7,261

    PvP in SWG is alot of fun when it's there, but because currently the only real goal is to have fun it can sometimes be hardish to convince both sides (Imperials and Rebels) to fight it out.  You can have your faction take over planets with PvP, but it's more of an e-penis thing lol.  The developers are apparantly working on adding some true goals for PvP so this problem could soon be gone (hopefully).  A small part is being added in the next publish (hopefully later this month).

    SWG has open PvP, so it can happen whereever, whenever no matter what you're doing.  The next publish is going to be including player bounties which will be kinda fun.  If you kill someone in PvP, the person you killed can place a bounty on your head for whatever amount they want.  A Bounty Hunter can then use a special on you to check to see if there is a bounty on your head, and if you do he can choose to take it.  If he does, you enter a 1 vs 1 battle against him and if he wins, he gets the reward bounty.  Whoever loses can also place a bounty on the winner, so the cycle continues :p  So, Bounty hunter could be a good profession to choose if you want PvP all the time :)



  • deggilatordeggilator Member Posts: 520

    You could try Dark Age of Camelot.

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  • sunflamesunflame Member UncommonPosts: 181

    Seems like u will have to wait for Age Of Conan to come out (or Maybe Vangaurd)...


  • Nerf09Nerf09 Member CommonPosts: 2,953
    Try WWIIONLINE or PLANETSIDE, everything else is an everquest clone.  Theyre FPS, but not mindless fragging like a game of quake.
  • RemyVorenderRemyVorender Member RarePosts: 3,972
    EQ2 - On a PvP server. Never had this much fun with this game before. It's improved by leaps and bounds. IMO this is the best MMO on the market in it's current state.

    EVE Online - It's a real slow game, but once you get into it and don't play it all day so as to burn yourself out, it's really fun if you find the right corporation. Just keep in mind that this game takes a long time investment to make it entertaining. What I would do is train offline, and train all your learning skills to level 5. Play something else for the 2 months (see WoW) it takes to train them while you wait for your learning skills to train so you can train your other skills faster than it takes you to grow a beard.

    DAoC - Is a really fun MMO as well. There are a lot of quests to do and the RvR can be super entertaining at higher lvls.

    WoW - If you have about 2 months to kill, WoW is great fun. It's just really really easy to play and offers no real challenge if you've been playing MMOs for a few years. The fact that it is so fun, fast and easy is also it's downfall. It gets old real fast. Instant gratification will do that to any game.

    Saga of Ryzom - Quirky skill-based fantasy/sci-fi hybrid MMO. If you manage to stick it out for a few days and get past the high learning curve and join a good guild you WILL have a good time with this game. One of the best non-mainstream MMOs out right now IMO.

    These are the only MMOs I can think of that are even worth your time. I've played them all over the past decade and, to me, these are as good as it gets unfortunately. Such is the state of the industry...

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  • Rayx0rRayx0r Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 2,902

    you havnt checked out EQ2 yet?  why not...  

    you mention crafting as being a major factor as well as PvP.  EQ2 has a pretty ballsy PvP system so if you like consentual PvP you may not be too crazy about it, but it is damn good.

    crafting, really I dont think theres a better crafting system then the one in Eq2. *edit* Horizons has a better crafting system but the game is bowl of suck.

    you can try it for free..give it a shot

    as for DAoC, its getting pretty dated.  It actually has a lot in common with EQ2, but the controls, UI and overall mechanics of DAoC are dated compared to EQ2

    before anyone crucifies me for suggesting this game, well..screw you.


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  • CleffyCleffy Member RarePosts: 6,403

    Ya your right Chadk there isn't an mmo out there really worth playing. I mean if you didnt like Worlds of Warcraft, chances are you won't like any of the other mounds of crap out there. Feel free to try though; but it will be better for your wallet if you wait. You could even save that money to buy new parts for your computer to play the new line-up of mmos.

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