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New Q&A on Warcry

A new Q&A session with the devs has been posted here

It covers some stuff not in the current game FAQ



  • ArchaosArchaos Member Posts: 173

    Q: I've noticed that TCoS only has two playable races, human and daevi. Many players will see this as possibly too restrictive, are there any plans to add more races later on?A: The Chronicles of Spellborn is based on extensive lore and history. It makes perfect sense to initially release the game with the two playable races from a lore point of view.
    Now, I may very well be wrong here, but didn't they write the lore FOR this game? it's not like they are basing the story on some well known books. Seems to me they couldve just written another couple races into the lore. Also, if it "makes perfect sense" to release the game with only two races based on the lore, why did he say "initially?" The "extensive lore and history" is going to change AFTER the game is released to allow for more playable races? That's such a coincidence. Most games just call that an expansion pack.
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