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what would be a good video card to use to play this game

rocketpunkrocketpunk Member Posts: 1
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  • IsendarIsendar Member Posts: 20

    Heh depends. Right now i'm at work and i'm playing it with a Geforce 3 64MB. Pretty crappy, eh? Here's my scale as to how to figure out what you want:

    Geforce 3 - Will run...that's about it. Don't tweak the settings unless it's down (LOL)

    Geforce 4 - Not bad to run on it if it's part of the TI series. The MX series will work fine too

    Geforce FX - I'm not fond of this series, but it's what i'm running COH at home with (Can tweak the settings some). Running 5200 oc'd (can't remember settings). Graphics look awesome!

    Geforce 6 and 7 series - No worries with this one. You can tweak the settings pretty high. About to buy a 6800 XT card in SLI (I recommend this). They are pretty cheap if you know where to look = ).

    ATI card - Oooo this is a shady area. Heard that people have been having many issues with ATI cards. I'm sure it's only the high end X800 series. My friend's running an ATI Radeon 9800 with no issues. But anything under an 8500 is going to be equal to a low end FX card.

    All-in-all. You can spend up to a range of about $50-$500 on a video card for COH. I've seen COV on a high end 7800 card and I wasn't exactly impressed. I might have said: Hmmm. Without the high end cards, the graphics are still just amazing! My final recommendation -

    For AGP (If you don't have PCI-e) - Go with a 5900 FX from Nvidia on the low end and a 6800 XT on the high end. Anything above that for COH is just rediculous

    For PCI-e (If you don't have AGP) - Anything in this category will do although I don't trust ATI with COH. I found a 6200 PCI-e card from a trusted retailer near my house for $50! Talk about cheap new-age technology. Find a good deal, and you'll be happy. It's not necessary to spend $500-$600 on the best SLI enabled PCI-e cards available. Unless you want FEAR or something...


  • AnofalyeAnofalye Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 7,433

    I have a a NVidia 5900, run EQ2 and this game smoothly.  May seldom have lag, but unsure why...prolly connection...or ram.


    Any relatively recent video card will run it smoothly.

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  • IsendarIsendar Member Posts: 20

    Video should not be your biggest concern (unless it's onboard or 5-8 years old). Connection is the first main concern. I played COH during beta and let me tell you, it was packed. I was running a 768 (I think) DSL Modem and I would get disconnected all the time. At work I use a T3 connection (No issues), but the ram on my system is only 512. Now that's not too bad but I know it's regular SDRAM not DDR. So here's my final configuration:

    1. Video: Geforce 4 series and above

    2. Internet: Cable or DSL (T3 and your uber)

    3. RAM: 1 Gig (Just to be safe)

    4. Processor: 1.5GHz+

  • deggilatordeggilator Member Posts: 520

    It's not as demanding. Or, at the very least, you still see good graphics on lower settings, whereas other games, such as Everquest 2, are unbearable in low performance settings.

    Personally, I'm using a Radeon x800 GT 256Mb, AGPx8 and I'm using a tiny bit better than the recommended quality settings without a problem. TweakCoH is a useful 3rd party tool for the game's settings, by the way.

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