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How many people are on UO now days?

KuKu_MoOgleKuKu_MoOgle Member Posts: 1

I've been thinking about getting back on UO but I'm afraid it is a died or dieing game...   How many people are on now days?   What are your thoughts on this?


  • MoboidMoboid Member Posts: 14

    Look at it this way EA put a clause in the EULA back in 2003 that states service can be terminated with 3 months notice. Thats the bottom line regarding is it dieing, you will get at least 3 months out of it and to be honest i cant see them pulling the plug just yet. (Most mmos have a kill clause in there EULA)

    EDIT: Can't remember if UO ever listed server pops at log in but it doesn't now so no way of giving a concrete figure.

    I've reactivated an account closed in 1999 with no hassle, the Europa server seems to be busy enough for an economy and Brit bank still has a fair crowd at most times of day.

    That said i placed a house in Trammel with no issue other gripe is the sub fee is stupidly high for such an old game i'm paying £9.99 thats more than EVE.

    How long's a piece of string? is the glass half full or half empty? Every mmo i've played has had someone claiming it's dieing and none of them have been closed down yet.

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