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End of Monk-o-cron?

-FN--FN- Member Posts: 65

The most recent patch brought a big fix for the way heals are calculated. There was a long-standing bug where heals got multiplied when multiple hit-boxes were damaged...

Anyway, what it has done has basically nerfed all the heals. TL10 heals will be slightly reduced and TL3 heals will be slightly increased, but overall, the Holy Heal no longer = god mode. Might be a good time to retry NC if you hated monks.



  • joran420joran420 Member Posts: 27

    lol now ill die even faster

  • Another cool game~~~~~

  • Originally posted by tbms
    Another cool game~~~~~

    Is this game really cool?
  • SoullessSoulless Member Posts: 5

    Yes, i try to go back, but paying system Click2Pay sucks :/

  • JestunhiJestunhi Member UncommonPosts: 40
    This was a step in the right direction... but it just increased the number of PPU's so the effect was minimal.

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