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So far sounds good

WizardryWizardry Member LegendaryPosts: 19,332

This game caught my eye a couple weeeks ago as being a pretty dsecent product worthy of keeping my eye on.

Now i just read the archer part ,and not too often do i come out saying i like what i read.I really like how there keeping it a true to form archer and the "to hit"  and aiming factors are as it should be.Just the aiming going to be like in war games ,where your rifle kinda moves a little making aim harder?I'm not really for or against this ,just wondering.

Of course ,anyone that knows me ,also knows i will state the bad points if i see them.Problem is i havn't seen anything ...yet :p

One thing i might throw in the mix....I don't plan on sucking up to any sites to beta try the game.I also will not be buying anything until i have tested the product first.As far as im concerned and anyone with half a brain should also be,they need to pursuade me to buy there product,not me begging them to beta test it.

There is no reason they can't put out a few servers[When the time is right]for ALL to test the game.This talk i ALWAYS here about needing to dwell into a game for several months to get the feel is total BS.I have not had any change or different feel for a game months after than i did in the first week.The only obvious thing that always happens is ,as you level up the games grind slower.

The reason i am stating this ,is because i feel Devs should have beta servers with max time limits to test the game.I like 8 hours,as i have never needed more than a few hours to totally learn a games concept and interface.This would allow everyone that has an interest in the game to at least get a feel for the game to decide if it warrants a purchase.

Never forget 3 mile Island and never trust a government official or company spokesman.

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