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Middle Earth Online.. PLZ JOIN!!!!

If anyone knows anything about The coming out Lord of the rings massive multiplayer online game, Middle Earth Online,  plz tell me about this i would like to gather as much information about it as i can... here are the priority image's  listed below.....

1. When will the beta testing for this game be?

2. Will Frodo, the ring, and the fellowship be in it?

3. Can you make your own little town or just a house

4. (related to #3) Can you purchase land in countries such as gondor rohan mirkwood etc etc etc

5. What classes (and races just to be sure lol ;p) will you be able to pick

6. What comp enemies will be there? Any special enemies like..... Lurtz or a nazgul or somethin........


When answering the image's plz state the # of the question you are answering and i thank you in advance for taking the time to help me know what i was soooooo curious about for so long and for reading and joining this topic in the first place image

Araluss HellSword

(my name once the game starts plz dont take it lol)image


  • UOAndrommieUOAndrommie Member Posts: 47
    Ummm...why don't you just goto the webpage and check it out? I'll bet that most of those questions have been asked and answered on the forums there...Call me nuts but that is what I would be doing.

    *A game does not rule all other games...espcially if it hasn't been released yet.*

  • AralussAraluss Member Posts: 4
    cuz my comp is a total peice 'o' &^%# and i cant get there.....

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