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Freeworld: Dual Function Animals!

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All New: Dual Function Farm Animals to be added in Alpha Phase 7.  You will discover Cows, Pigs, and Chickens.  Cows will drop milk and beef.  Pigs will drop pigs ears, pigs feet, and pork meat.  Chickens will drop eggs and chicken meat. (Unconfirmed, not all drops have been decided 100%.)  Also, Soon-To-Be-Added Skills, such as Cooking and Farming will make the world a little more interesting.  Collect eggs and milk to sell to the NPC's, trade to other players, or to process into more exotic items.  ("It Will be added when it is added, Draconus says, the Artist in Charge.  He hasn't gotten to creating all the items and animals.)  The processing won't be available until the skill itself is available, "This is just the base element.  We're taking it slow." Mooove it, we're ancy!!    








I did say Dual Function, didn't I?  FreeWorld will include both the tame and wild versions of these animals.  The tame versions will be sold by the NPC's.  These will be used primarily for the Farming Skill, should you choose to raise, kill and process them yourself.  The Wild Versions will be found running randomly around almost every FreeWorld map.  They will be hostile monsters, and the meat will not rot in the preliminary phase, so go kill and collect everything you can.  The meat has value to NPC's and other players.  May make yourself a pretty penny while you're waiting for your skill to be implemented!! 

While the developers are still working on other animals and drops, we've created a poll for the players to vote which animals they would like to see added.  So, go vote at:

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