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What is your favorite MMORPG and why?

When I left UO, I was a 3 yr vet.  I had come in when we had both Trammel and Felucca, but they hadn't converted Fel to be more like Trammel until later when kids started to gripe about being "owned" as some might say.

What I liked about Felucca being Fel, was since this whole thing was placed on a theme of bandits, knights [chaos and I forget the other *laughs*], and then of course, they had the star room opened [if you had a rune to it], and it was a time, you found out about the Star Room if you went to the library and read [which now is defunct].

I liked Felucca being the hard core people that if, yes, you  went there and weren't prepared, they could "own" you.  But then again, if you made friends, you could also get 'protection" from them as well.

I agree, that the housing should have been handled a different way.  But then, I would have to disagree about how loose UO was about allowing people to sell things on Ebay.  

I had to laugh when one lady spent..get this.  $1,500 in REAL money for a PIXEL large tower!  I mean, sorry, but if I had that kind of money, I would put it in a new transmission for my van. *grins*  But, it was her money, I agree.  But it tells you how lame they made the system.

I think if anything, They should have made the housing more for "guilds" and allowed for those within thus said guilds, to have ability to place "chests" to hold more items per area. 

I mean, after all, yes, I ended up with 3 houses, which I gave away when I left UO rather then put it all on Ebay.  But..I think that since ..

1. you can't use the bed, why have one in your house.  2. if you grandfather'ed a house, why worry about being there or not.

Again, I did appreciate some large marbles who made merchants possible for your people to sell things crafted and as well as Items you brought up from treasure hunting or the like.

Then another thing that turned me away from UO was when you worked hard to get GM in something, they turned around where you had to get a scroll to get higher.

I don't know..between messing with the realms, the rares, the classes, and the like, I got frustrated and moved on.  I don't regret it at all.

I went on to DAoC [Dark Ages of Camelot], when a friend on UO told me about it coming out.  I was one of the first to sign up when it first was released.

I am still there after 2 years.  Yes, I've seen some changes, and I expect more to come.  But 1. I don't have to deal with those people who use Ebay to get things.  2. The housing is in a special location, not to take away from the game.  [Mind you, they could work on the seating abilities of the furniture you're allowed to have in your house. *chuckles*]

And I look forward to the frontier changes I hear are to come.

One last thing I hate about any MMORPG..that's when they dress up a box to look ONE way..and when you install it, it looks completely different!

For example. I was ALL excited when THE THIRD DAWN was to be released by the box..but when I got it opened and the women looked more like a guy in drag..*shudders*

I guess that's another reason why I like DAoC.  You get what you paid for.

Now, if a game came out.  The box was EXACTLY what the graphics were inside...It looked more realistic and not cartoony...it might catch my eye to check out.

But that's my 2 cents worth anyways. 

As for leveling?  Whatever floats your boat.  With any game, sometimes people are stuck with making two accounts because they can never find a group.  So I don't begrudge them.

What would be nice though is..if you come on a ROLE PLAY SERVER...not a regular one..PLAY it that way.

I've to the point that when people use net slang on a role playing server, they are trying for us to accept their net slang as gibberish that perhaps a street urchin, or some poor backwoods guy would use to gain attention.

*laughs*  It's cute on MSN, its cute on the boards..but on a ROLE PLAYING SERVER of DAoC...all I can think of is some zombie sucked out their brains.

Here is to a great NEW YEAR for ALL of  US!


Now..what is YOUR favorite MMORPG and why?

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  • webBear1000webBear1000 Member Posts: 301

    Difficult question to answer.

    I have fond memories of AO. It's not easy to find roleplaying opportunities in MMORPGs these days but I took part in some excellent RPing. Thanks mainly to knowing an ARK event character.

    However I left AO behind because in the end I got bored. I revisited it a couple of months ago when Shadowlands was released but didn't lilke the direction it had taken. It was still the same old game. Combat, combat, combat, combat.

    I'de have to go with the one I'm playing at the moment, Horizons. I suspect my opinion will change in a few months when I move onto something else though.

    Horizons' profession system is superb. One of the reasons I switch MMORPGs so often is that I get bored with my character's class, start another one and feel like I'm missing out on something when I see other players who've reached the level cap and are all powerful.

    There's no reason for me to get bored when I can switch professions at the drop of a hat or do some crafting with the same character.

    I love the graphic style of Horizons. I'm a sucker for eye-candy and while Horizons might not be the best looking game out there it drips atmoshphere.

    There's something about Horizons that I can't quite put my finger on. The treadmill is there but it doesn't seem as tedious to me. I can see myself playing Horizons for a while, perhaps until WoW is released.

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  • CrazyAlCrazyAl Member Posts: 9

    So difficult to answer. There are so many good MMORPGs out there that I have played. Overall though I'm going to have to go with Everquest. I spent three years playing that game and I had the most fun playing it out of all the games I played. There is something about it that I just can't put my finger on that makes it such a great game...image


  • KiamdeKiamde Member CommonPosts: 5,820
    My favorate was probably EQ just because I could get so uber-l337 and my second would have to be DAOC but FFXI is pretty fun so far.


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  • AralussAraluss Member Posts: 4

    I totally agree with crazyal, so many great RPGs but Ultima and Shadowbane tie for me, everquest was..... alright, pretty kool, that tied with dark age ,well cya all

  • ianubisiianubisi Member Posts: 4,201

    Such a hard question to answer. They're like old girlfriends...you loved them once, but man do they get on your nerves now.

    A Tale in the Desert I think has my primary support simply because it is so exceptionally innovative and interesting.

    EverQuest gave me some fantastic memories, but I have such a huge list of dislikes in that game as well.

    Ultima Online also gave me tons of great memories...lots of fun.

    Those are my top 3 right now, but I know I haven't encountered one yet that wins the title of "favorite" hands down. Not yet.

  • mastahmastah Member Posts: 39
    Ultima. No questions asked. EQ takes second.
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