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Looking to get back in the game. What do I need to buy?

LamethrowerLamethrower Member Posts: 82

It's been ages. 8 years? 10? I don't even remember. THere weren't all these expansions out there though. But with the state of MMO's being so PATHETIC, and UO seemingly being the last MMO out there were people who don't like to combat have a home (farmer, lumberjack, artisan, etc.), I'm pondering getting back into this game.

Thing is, there have been so many releases...I don't even know what I have to buy anymore. Is there an "all in one" package out there? Is the game free so long as you pay the monthly fee (ala SWG)? Can I just buy one or two ocmponents and that'll get me started until I reach godly levels? If so, what are they? What's the monthly fee these days?

And the biggest question: Do people still play the game, or is it sort of in its death throes?


  • MoboidMoboid Member Posts: 14

    Mondain's legacy includes all the exp packs to date Linky

    Theres a 14 day free trial on fileplanet if you want to check out the population without re-subing although you need to enter cc details to activate that.

    EDIT: I forgot the client off fileplanet refused to work for me so i Grabbed the client off the Mondain's Legacy page and made an account using the key

    I managed to reactivate my old account shutdown since 2000, only gripe is they dont give any of the older exp packs for free to returning players, but a new player subbing after the free trial appears to get every expansion up to and including Age of Shadows.

    Just a warning they've changed the game beyone all recognition, resistance values on armour, Necromancers and Paldains. Ninjas and worst of all Elves!

    Population on Europa looks ok to say the games 8 years old but its not huge, theres about 40-50 people around Brit main bank at peak, although i dont have all the exp packs so they could be more hiding somewhere else.

  • SaftwearSaftwear Member Posts: 124

    there is also a new UO pack out that includes everything. It's called "the 8th age"

    This pack costs 20 bucks and gives you

    45 days of gameplay

    free unique item

    the ability to start an advanced character, I havn't tried this yet

    6 character slots as opposed to 5

    and some other things

    Most importantly it has all the expansions.


    Have fun

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