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Is there a way for me and my friend to share an EQ account and only pay for one?

KoreanSkaterKoreanSkater Member Posts: 2
Me and my friend would like to share an account on everquest and only pay for one.  While he is on, i cannot play but while i am on, he cant play.  Is there a way to do this? if so how?


  • Jeber21Jeber21 Member Posts: 8
    you can have 8 toons on any server but the FV server so if yall want to share just make two toons .. but dont tell sony cus you would be breaking the TOS rules of your not spost to share accounts hehe image

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  • Papa_SodyPapa_Sody Member Posts: 30

    As long as you are willing to accept the fact that you can not both play at the same time, yes.

    But as was pointed out, you do risk getting the account banned if SOE finds out. They typically don't REALLY care about such things. That clause is in the TOS mostly to protect SOE from liability if you let someone else use your account and they do something you don't like. They only enforce it if they need to.

  • viet_boy33viet_boy33 Member Posts: 395
    Well unless Sony has a webcam looking at you and your friend on same accounts you both could play on one account. But it's only 12 bucks a month and im a kid without a job. You guys should just wait for EQ2 beta because first of all EQ1 if you start playing now there are TOO many expansions like 200 at max for all of them and first of all grouping will be hard because almost all EQ2 players are hardcore now unless you join that new server. Also since EQ2 coming out there will be less upadates and expansions for EQ1 since its an old game. So i say wait for EQ2 with better graphics and better conservation due to technology in 2004 so less expansions but that one expansion will have just as much as that 2.

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  • AnofalyeAnofalye Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 7,433

    Yes you can.


    No you cant admit that you do this to anyone in the game, not even here.


    Sharing account to anyone is bannable offense.


    No SoE will not bane you, they will lose money and reputation doing it, but should they have others issues with you(or your friend), they already got an excuse to kick you out.


    Personnal notes:  SoE see when someone try to log an account already logged in...I would suggest you make sure this NEVER happen so they are 100% blind to your sharing, because even if they would prolly never do anything over it, is prolly enought for you?


    Additionnally, try to find a friend that have weird tastes and dont enjoy the same activities you does, that way the toon will be VERY strong.  For exemple, if 1 of you is a raid freak and the other is a XP freak, this is perfect match!



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