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done with L2 what now?

Hey ive played lineage 2 forever but i quit that game and im lookin to start something new but i have no idea what i game i should play now. i want to play something thats new, so im not too far behind. if anyone has tried L2 or something like that suggestions would be great of what to play next. Thanks




  • DesalusDesalus Member UncommonPosts: 848

    What did you like about L2 and what didn't you like?

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  • ZoniusZonius Member Posts: 3

    the endless grind was horrible but the community was what kept me there for so long once u get in with certain people that started the game with you cuz i started it right when it came out so i could party and talk to them while we just got through the grind. Then once level r high enough pvp was so much fun esspecially on seige type scales.

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