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UFC58 Countdown Show Starts This Week!

I wanna find out how the matches came to be for the upcoming UFC58 on March 4 that’s why its a must see sneak peek for me .Also I heard that BJ Penn will comment about his fight with GSP.That will be worth watching too! 

I got the airdates below from

Wednesday 3/1 at 11:30p out of the casino cinema movie The Principal

Thursday 3/2 @11p following unleashed

4pm following the film of fury, Iron Monkey..



  • SiftSift Member Posts: 258

    I don't really expect this one to be very good. The USA card is stacked. And its not even that there arn't enough good canadian fighters they just either couldn't get them or didn't bother. Hell one betting site has it where if you bet something like 40 bucks on Team Canada winning you get 500 back if you bet 100 on team USA you get 5 back lol. I love the UFC but if you want to see the really good fighters watch Pride FC I have been watching MMA for alot of years now and UFC doesn't compare to Pride although its still a good show. If you ever get to see the fight where Fedor Emelianenko gets droped on his head (You would have sworn he broke it) and still wins you'll know what I mean.


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