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I'm finding it hard to login anymore.

This game is nothing of what it once was. I have nothing to do anymore except play my entertainer, and I think theyre gonna kill ent soon anyway. I find myself bored, with nothing to do, I have a level 90 commando, a munitions trader, and an entertainer. The only reason I play anymore is the people. Theres just some people its really going to be hard to leave behind. I ve grown close to them all the time ive been playing. I dont see this game getting any better, but I cant find another game I like. Any suggestions? What would be a good game to try? Should I cancel?


  • duncan_922duncan_922 Member Posts: 1,670
    If you can't bring yourself to even log in anymore, why continue?

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  • ArteanArtean Member UncommonPosts: 214

    Yup, cancel; your friend will probably do it anyway soonish ;)

    My suggestion: find another game with an intersting appeal and bring your friend over there!


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  • edgeheadedgehead Member Posts: 47

    I would suggest you try to get the people you enjoy playing with to move to a new game. If there is not one currently out that hits the mark there are several on the horizon.

    I would suggest looking at Eve Online for a game that is already out. For the future I'm keeping my on Vanguard and Pirates of the Burning sea, both will release this year. Maybe May or June. Then there is Star Trek Online but that's way down the road.


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  • IcoGamesIcoGames Member Posts: 2,360

    There's no reason not to cancel your sub, even temporarily. Your character and items will be in the database for some time.

    Save yourself $15/month. ^_^

    As for other games, there's a ton of trial available at the moment. Check out Eve Online for Sci-Fi, and either EQ2 or WoW in the fantasy genre.

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  • chlaoschlaos Member Posts: 1,118
    Its kinda like removing a band aid, its best just to get it over with and then throw the nasty thing away.    image

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  • freethinkerfreethinker Member UncommonPosts: 775

    the longer you give them your money, the longer it will take for things to change.

    i'd cancel and try out a few other games in the meanwhile.


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