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graziegrazie Member Posts: 3 is a site providing e-commerce service for global gaming enterprises. It is an online trading market and as well as a merchant community in the global international trade filed of gaming.

With a good niche and a solid structure, focuses on the gaming field, providing enormous supply and demand information related to gaming business for merchants around the world every day. It is the first-choice site for promoting game software and online trade. It aims to establish itself into the most popular B2B site in the gaming field. Gamedp will strive to help gaming enterprises release and promote their products in the gaming markets around the world and to help enterprises with an intention to invest in the gaming field find the most suitable products.

Serving as a communication bridge, Gamedp provides overall and comprehensive industry news for gaming enterprises to keep abreast of the development status of the global gaming industry. “Features” is an area of hot topics and reviews, presenting large amounts of professional articles, interesting topics, gaming laws and policies throughout the world. Besides, the site also offers gaming industry reports in China, Korea, US and other parts of the world for people engaged in the gaming industry to download as reference.

In the “Companies” area, Gamedp collects the information of almost all the big gaming companies in the world, displaying their image, performance and products, among others.

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