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Everquest 2: Full Class Tree @

  Moorgard has shared information on the EQII forums about the class tree for their highly anticipated sequel to the smash hit, Everquest. Players starting off in Everquest 2 begin as the commoner class. Once they reach level six they make a choice between fighter, priest, scout, mage, or artisan. Upon achieving level fifteen, players are given another choice which further specializes their character class. Finally after reaching level thirty, players make the final decision toward what class they want to play.

  This system clearly is meant to slowly ease a player into his or her class. This class system allows a player to get the feel of the game rather then being forced to choose a class from the start. By level thirty, players will have a very strong idea of what their final class will be liked based upon previous choices.


Special thanks to Rihkotix who helped correct a mistake in this article.





  • FlemFlem Member UncommonPosts: 2,868
    I definately like this class idea.  How many times in a mmorpg have u started out a character to realise u have made a mistake (for me it was AC, i made a nerfed character but was too stubborn to re make a new character as i was too far in).  Choosing you progression at different stages allows you to feel out what kind of character you want to play and ultimately play the character you want to.

  • RihkotixRihkotix Member Posts: 2

    actually, this info was not posted on eqlounge first, it was posted at first, by Moorgard himself. Moorgard did not post the information on eqlounge.


    please change your news story accordingly, and correct the email that was sent out, thank you.

  • ZoharZohar Member Posts: 673
    My appologies, I did not mean to give credit to the wrong website. It should be fixed now =). It was never my intent to give credit to the wrong website, I made a big mistake when I read the information at EQlounge =). It was late, I should have proof read more. Thanks again image.

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  • shuzshuz Member Posts: 1

    Actually this was posted by SOE on their class list, and neither fan site should be given credit.  EQ Lounge however did get the class list with descriptions up first.  Ah hell, every fan site was trying to get that info up as soon as possible.

    The point still stands: Give SOE credit where credit is due.  Without them releasing the puzzle, no fan sites would have the class tree.


  • quix0tequix0te Member UncommonPosts: 138

    Actually, according to this website the classes are chose at lvls 3, 10 and 20, not 6, 15, and 30 (as stated here).  I cant find a specific reference on the SOE website to find which is correct.

  • cedoricedori Member Posts: 500

    Now that the class tree has come out, wasn't there a post somewhere about beta starting sometime shortly after the release of the class tree?  Notice I said sometime after the release of the class tree (shortly).

    It will be nice hearing how the game play is from all the beta testers, although I don't think well hear too much since they do sign a waiver not to release info about the game.

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