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Question about Thistledown

mcos7562mcos7562 Member Posts: 12

If anyone on these boards plays on the Thistledown server. Is Pomperipossa's Alliance still around?

Id be interested to know if he is still playing the game.


  • AdrealAdreal Member Posts: 2,087
    Don't know, man, sorry. But I used to play on Thistledown back in the good ol' days of the Shadow War and when Tim was the man. Are you relatively new to the game - played within one or two years from now?

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  • sjsbpbsjsbpb Member UncommonPosts: 10
    last i played there was no allegiance on that server i havnt played for about a year and a half though now....but i had played for 4 years
  • deugemietdeugemiet Member Posts: 82
    ive played 3 years there...actualy that game gaves me the most fun af all mmo's that i played...

    Maybe there's a way to motivate people to come back....remember all those nice quests....

    As i remember well then i've a lvl 147 swordsman and a lvl 133 mage there.

    From some dungeons i still know every corner and every way from entrance to exit...amazing...

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