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CVA Alliance Video

HardinHardin Member Posts: 70

I have made a new video

It explains the CVA's role and focuses on our the recent victory against another alliance (TSDS).

I didnt have any in game footage so went for a story board approach. I created this specifically as an answer to the TSBS's 30 minute long video from which gave a false impression of the war



It is in three main parts

The history of the CVA

TSBS Kill mails  :P

The future of 'Deliverance'

The kill mail bit is prolly a bit boring but if you want skip through to the end.  B)

I have posted this here as it does give a little flavour of the 'politics' in EVE and alliance wars in EVE... It is by no means the best EVE video - but I hope youdon't completely hate it image



Amarr Victor


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