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hoppity hop hop

Ok so today its 60 degrees. I'm in Pittsburgh so that doesnt mean spring, because it will be 15 degrees tommorow.

I let my dog out the back door. It's a sliding glass door, you know the type going out to peoples' decks. Every once in a while my dog will run through it, be it in or out, and then see something and stop with his tail just in the track so i accidentaly close the door on his tail. Bear in mind he is a beagle, so his yelp is funny.

Well, this did not happen today. Sometimes Odie(my beagle) will chase a rabbit if he sees one. Usualy not birds though, he has learned he can't get close enough to them to make it fun. Well today there was a rabbit out in the yard, I let Odie out to pee, did not catch his tail in the door, and Odie did not chase the rabbit. Maybe he just had to pee too bad, I can't say for sure as Odie and I cannot communicate verbally.

So i thought, hell..its 60 degrees. I've got no game to play really. RFO is down, WoW has burt me out yet again, I got bored before the first 'chapter' of Dungeon Siege 2, and I'm not into any strategy games or Sim games like 'The Movies'. So yeah im bored..watching Cold Pizza which i don't even like but i watch everyday, trying to figure out what I can do today to pass the time. Odie won't chase the rabbit to ammuse me, so i dart out the door.

I will catch the rabbit!

Well i take about 4 steps to clear the deck and hop down the stairs(it isn't a high deck, 3 stairs down to the yard). I turn to the left to go up the grade of my back yard, and there is a circular bare spot of dirt in the yard where the little kiddie pool sit's all summer. I run around it because during the summer there are spiders under the pool, and even though it's winter and they aren't there it still freaks me out.

I run about 1/10th of the way to the woods in my back yard, and think to myself 'You know, I'm not going to catch a damn rabbit'. And I stop. Because I know for a fact, there is no way im going to catch a rabbit with my bare hands when my beagle who is noticably quicker than I am, cannot catch one.

Odie is just looking at me with his head tilted sideways , like ' what is wrong with you dude you're running outside in boxers and no shoes' So i look at odie and say 'hey dude your completely naked except the fur and the Harley Davidson spiked collar, which by the way ODIE is sooo out of place on a wimpy, whiney beagle'.

He doesn't seem to understand what I said because he is walking alongside me back to the deck, up the stairs and to the sliding glass door. I open it and jump in quick and go to shut it fast, trying to catch Odie's tail in it to teach him a lesson for making fun of me..he darts through unscaithed but just as i shut it the cat sneaks through my legs and i catch him square in the the door he darts back in and hides. Me and Odie have a god laugh, and I give him a Chew-eez, pour some apple juice and decide i will go see Curious George movie today.

right on.


  • fulmanfufulmanfu Member Posts: 1,523

    Quick update. I did not go see Curious George movie today, so don't ask for a review.

    I was going to, but I stopped at borders first. Looked up on thier computer if they had a new book by a young local author that my mother knows.

    They didn't have it in their system. I really don't know why i looked for it because i already have it and read it. My mother works with the girls mother, i think, and gave me a copy when i went to visit last Sunday because she knows im into fantasy.
    Not a bad book at all though, if you like fantasy.Two Daggers-Book 1

    Anyway like i said they didn't have it, so i went to the kids section and looked for a good stickerbook. I got one with 72 stickers of puppy's. I also got a collection of 12 little paperback Dora the Explorer books, said to be phonics lessons.

    I heard 2 men around 40 talking baseball, how they thought that this might be the year the Pirates turn the corner. I laughed, they looked at me like 'what do you know ya hippie'.. So like i said i have tons of free time, I know every statistic for every pittsburgh sport so i explained to them with stats and facts, how, barring a miracle, this year the Pirates will be as bad as ever.

    It seemed to dampen their cheerful mood because these know it alls did not even know half the guys i mentioned were even on the team.

    Then I the movie theater is a good 20 mintue drive, there used to be 2 in my town here but both were replaced with something else over the past 5 years.

    So i went to cici's pizza and had lunch. I'm not a huge fan of buffets but thier white pizza is pretty good and they have killer cinnamon rolls.

  • WakizashiWakizashi Member Posts: 893
    what is this, MMORPGBLOG.COM?
  • fulmanfufulmanfu Member Posts: 1,523

    Originally posted by Wakizashi
    what is this, MMORPGBLOG.COM?

    yeah right man, like you could have caught it with your bare hands?

  • NegativeJoeNegativeJoe Member UncommonPosts: 209
    wonder if he ever got to see the move..

    ::::26:: ::::26:: ::::26::

  • JordanCook43JordanCook43 Member CommonPosts: 5
    What is going on here.
  • dougha1dougha1 Member UncommonPosts: 90
    Yeah, I like Hip-Hop.  It's def.  :p - because they're not broken
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