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looking for a good corp

chaoslotdchaoslotd Member Posts: 54
hi im looking for a corp thats pvp and mining and a little bit of everything and thats noob friendly im also looking for a active corp my in game name is chaoslotd im always on everyday my in game name is chaoslotd


  • mork29mork29 Member Posts: 1

    If you're in the Sinq Liason/Essence region, feal free to talk to "Keith Yelnick2" in game about joining Fatalix. We're based out of Balle. We PVP in Decon (the neighboring system) alot against the pirates there. There is a major pirate infestation that our corp won't tolerate anymore. We also run agent missions together, and do low sec mining that allows you to see some action. We love taking in new players and showing you what is what and helping out. Nobody is to new. With experienced players to guide you, it's alot easier to get started in Eve, so Check out Fatalix Incorporated [FXI].

  • belonnabelonna Member Posts: 67

    if you want pvp and mining we are the guys for you we do both and rating and missions fight clubs virtually everything so if you are interested post in the mmc forum on this site and or send me evemail my ingame name is belonna


    mmc we take all ppl as long as you r nice and fun loving like we are

    Live, Breath, Cause. HaVoK

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