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Biosfear open-beta [No cash required :D]

Yes Biosfear a.k.a SavageEden in US a.k.a Laghaim in Asia is going open beta on 21st december 2003. Go to and look at the news page. Theres gonna be a char wipe too so you don't have to worry about going around seeing so many high lvl chars. Also, no $8.95 a month after 2 weeks of trial too :P.


  • air_head1air_head1 Member Posts: 75

    im already in closed beta

    i don't know maybe its just me but theres alot of just hacking and slashing in that game not much more but i didn't get to be really high lvled i almost made it to lvl 30 though


  • ShmeeShmee Member Posts: 321
    savage eden is so go damn boring, im at level 57 right now and completely sick of it. Its like a crappy diablo 2 clone in 3d.

  • loreofchaosloreofchaos Member Posts: 316
    hmmmm when will reg be availbal?!?

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  • JiraiyaJiraiya Member Posts: 150

    Its a Korean game duh~ How fun do you want it to be? image

    Anyway sign up at the page and i think they will inform u when o-beta starts. Or you could wait for the announcement at the official webby.

  • ThePatientThePatient Member Posts: 90
    Well it is a beta, i mean when the game is complete there will probably be more than just fighting.


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  • KoltraneKoltrane Member UncommonPosts: 1,049

    The game is very much like Diablo II.  You have red life and blue mana and potions for each.  Casters are mainly magical assault characters.  I made level 20 in about an hour of just constant hack n slash.  I haven't seen much more depth than that.

    Frankly, I got pretty bored with it after a couple of hours.  I have gone back and played it a few times, stricly because I feel obligated.  I'm not excited about playing, which means I won't be paying for this one unless some major changes are made.

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  • jloverjlover Member Posts: 260
    I agree, this game is boring all you do is sit in one spot and just kill and kill some more. I might still play it because its free, but when it gose to P2P you can count me out.


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