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Korean MMOG

I know there are a LOT of Korean MMOG out there, and people seems to never get enough.

What I suggest is make a sub-section news for Korean MMOGs, I am very willing to help to get the news from other sites as I am Korean.

Hopefully the Game List will include the Korean MMOG as well^^


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    At this time we are only going to feature MMORPGs with English.  It is too hard for us to deal with Koreon MMORPGs because our staff is all English speaking.  Also, nearly 85% of our users are from the United States, Canada or United Kingdom. 

    There are lots of Koreon MMORPG games and I just don't think all the work would justify the service it would provide to a small Korean population (that would likely rather use a Koreon site for this).  It takes a lot of work to setup and maintain games in our list.

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