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A memory of fun in Shadowbane

superhero13superhero13 Member Posts: 170

Ok. I played SB since the second build of beta up until a year or a bit more after release. Came back a few times and often consider coming back since everything new sucks BIG TIME. SB wasnt my first MMO...Id played UO and EQ...but somehow SB just still remains my favorite.

I found this old picture on my HD and had to share it. On Dread server there was a far, far out of the way island in the desert where my friends and I made a town. The great thing about this town was that it would have been the most highly defensable town ever.


As you can see, after the walls went up two sides of the town were right on the edge of a sheer cliff...making it insanely hard to attack. Furthermore the distance in the water was too far for a trebuchet to reach (we tested it).

Unfortunately some sabotage, distrust & power-mongering went on and the GL destroyed the town in a fit of rage.

Alas...good times still. Anyone thinking of playing should play.

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