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Lineage 2? More like Whineage2.

BroadshoreBroadshore Member UncommonPosts: 18

Okay, this is my second post to this forum and I'm going to put my 2 cent in.

Now, L2 has a pretty interesting Storyline of how the world became. I been playing this game around December of 04. I think.

Now, After C1 I was like cool this isn't to bad. But I never had a problem with PvP or being PKed. Okay, the game has some really awesome type of Graphics, A pretty small world but there is room to explore, The city and village are pretty sweet to see.

But, I found that the quest for like character clas changes are uber retarded. I remember getting phonecalls from my Girlfriend who plays on the Dev server. If any of you L2 players here know the name Calashar? That my lady so benice to her. Anyways, getting back on track here. As I mention about the Quest, the PvP issues are just down right crazy, I don't know if someone has a stick up there butt or everyone just hate everyone and all there out for is to kill kill kill kill kill the other PPL, and sometimes is just for no reason. This game is not real fun in the factor of well being that it is Grinding based. Not much room for quest that are well, exciting. As for Policts goes as in this PvP style game, you can try talking thing out with clan leaders or Allie Leaders, but 90% of the time its normally a single finger salute and it war baby. Never makes any sence to me.

Now, I found that this game has many flaws and I don't know if it because us Americans like fun based MMORPGs like how EQ like how it was in its old days or it just because the Koriean just like these type of MMOs. I don't know.

Anyways, I think where I am getting at here and this is to any person who been thinking on Playing L2? Woh woh, before you buy the game you should do a little more research before getting into this type of MMORPG. Here some question you mite want to ask yourself?

Should I give it a try?
Is it going to be fun?
What are the Players like?
Should I check out the Forum and do a little research on the players?
Is this game good for me?

Thank you for reading my god aweful grammer.
Broadshore is falling asleep. /sleep


  • GreatnessGreatness Member UncommonPosts: 2,149

    There is still a lot of drama in the game. Guilds/alliances trying to gain the power so there are a lot of wars going on. There have been a few more quests but I am not going to lie to you, they are pretty bad. They mostly involve killing something for items.


    I say doing a little more research because there have been many changes but these changes may or may not have been in your favor.


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  • BroadshoreBroadshore Member UncommonPosts: 18

    Well Got the Sig to work. Anyways, just giving other players who are planing on playing L2 in the later fulture a heads up. I used to play on Staghert<sp I know> Now I am moving on to Erika an maybe to Bartz I don't know. It seems there been more and more drama on this game after C2 so giving a warning to other players of Research before you enter would be best for new players tocome in and play.

    I need to work on my grammer..... /slaps self.

  • JukanJukan Member UncommonPosts: 325

    Yes there are those people that play this game, in the same way that they play counter strike. This game attracts all kinds of people, those who love PvP, being evil, being good, RPers, graphic whores, grind lovers, grind haters and the like.

    You should always research ANY game before you buy it, that is good advice indeed.

    There is a long grind. It can be boring, but it all depends on how you make it. You find the right people, and the right clan that suites your personality the grind isn't boring at all. I usually talk on a TS server and time flys by and I don't really notice the grind. Sometimes the grind can get tricky and intense, and I gotta start thinking on my toes. The thought that every person that comes up to you can attack you, makes you think carefully before you start talking 'uber' to them.

    I love this MMO. There are parts of it that I dislike, such as cheaters and farmers...but I have played many MMOs and they are there too. You have to just look over that and try not to kill yourself to get to level cap. Enjoy the game. You can have just as much fun, if not more at lvl 30 as someone at level 75.

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