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The solution to mudflation?

Theres a new article on spellborn on ign: http://rpgvault.ign.com/articles/685/685930p2.html

One of the most interesting things in it is the way character advancement is worked out. Basically, there will be a huge amount of abilities, that you seem to be able to gather in all kinds of different ways. Also, it is possible to extend your skilldeck above the 5 skills and 6 rows.

Too me this sounds like a great way to add character advancement past the levelcap. It would mean that you get stronger not because your abilities get better, but because you get more choices in strategy. Thus, while someone that has been at the level cap for months has advanced his character a lot, it wouldn't mean that he would always win from someone that has just got to the cap. In the end its still about who uses the best strategy ::::08::

Also, one interesting thing said by a CM on the tcos forums is that while everyone can choose to use every item, some (or a lot) of abilities still rely on using certain items. For example, there will be abilities that can only be done if you have a sword equipped. The same probably counts for other weapons as well.


  • CholaynaCholayna Member Posts: 1,604
    Was it ever answered anywhere how many toons you may have per account? Its so diversified in charaction selection/skills, it would be kewl to have more than one or two per account.
  • NaratlosNaratlos Member Posts: 1

    So far there's no news on how many toons will be allowed per account. they're still mulling it over as far as I know.

  • HarutoHaruto Member Posts: 175

    Yeah at this point there really isn't alot of information being released since the beta is still closed. There is a good deal of inforamtion within the FAQ about general info though. Just alot of specifics are tight lipped so far.

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  • OculitusOculitus Member Posts: 203

    It's true they hasn't said anything for sure about the number of characters per server or per account....but I'd guess it's more than one at least because they've mentioned this last name system where all the characters on one account will have the same last name. So that implies more than one character per server to me, but who knows? Nothing is finalized, so all these things could easily change.

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