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Incompetence or are they trying to kill off the game?

djpearcedjpearce Member Posts: 38

I have been thinking about the marketing strategy that SOE have been using.

With the release of EQ titanium they had a chance to put together a marketing strategy which would confirm their commitment to at least another 12 months of the game.

But they chose to do nothing special or maybe they really do have no idea about marketing



  • Sephiroth9Sephiroth9 Member Posts: 127
    I think they are finally seeing some of the debacles this game has experienced that have killed the population.  They may be saying, "Screw it, it's over." Who knows? I always had trouble finding expansions and the lot so maybe they don't know anything about marketing.
  • NasindorNasindor Member Posts: 67

    Too many cooks spoil the soup. On my way out the door from SOE games period.

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