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Thinkin about returning

FryGuyFryGuy Member Posts: 2
I used to play EQ a few years back, probably about 4 months after Luclin came out. I'm thinkin about gettin back into EQ but I was wondering if the game has gotten any better or should I just try a different game.


  • SerienSerien Member CommonPosts: 8,460

    wow definetly

    the pop expansion expands the graphics really nicely

    uhm lets see...the armour and equipment now look badass, those old graphics were crap!

    lots of new zones, lots of new things to do

    i reccomend you try it out, if you don't like it, then don't play it

    but definetly try it out


  • TheoTheo Member Posts: 242

    Totally depends on what you're looking for in a game. Why'd you quit?

    The leveling treadmill is even worse than before, because the vast majority of characters are now 50+. Very few low or mid levels around. Those people are all busy in LDoN pocket dungeons or on planar raids, leaving the old zones almost completely empty all the time.

    If you like having zones to yourself (I do) it's better. If you like soloing (I do) it's better. If you don't want to run like hell on the leveling treadmill to catch up (I don't), your enjoyment may quickly wear thin.

  • Iceman12321Iceman12321 Member Posts: 992

    Try it out again! Could help ya get started if you wanted to, I'm on the Karana Sever image

  • FryGuyFryGuy Member Posts: 2
    I had a few things I needed to take care of(school, work, etc) so I had to quit. I never really cared about being an uber character, I just liked playing and being social. The leveling treadmill is the same in pretty much any MMORPG, and I don't really mind that. I think I may be returning to my old server of Quellious in the near future. Not sure what I'll be playing as, but we'll see

  • FlemFlem Member UncommonPosts: 2,868

    Contrary to what Murt said it was Luclin and NOT Planes of Power that improved the graphics. 

    There is also another expansion on the way which sound good even if it is not long after the Lost Dungeons of Norath expansion.

    The game still has heaps going for it so yeah i would probably say make a comeback.

  • SerienSerien Member CommonPosts: 8,460

    lol 0oh well

    i wasnt sure...i just bought the whole evolution i didnt know which expansion did thatimage


  • DJ_DudeDJ_Dude Member Posts: 5
    WTF! why eq sucks! LOL

  • YordoYordo Member Posts: 831

    I would just keep on waiting until EQ2 comes out then.  Since you have lived without it for so long, just wait a little while longer and get EQ2.

    EQ2, UXO, Lineage 2, KO, Guild Wars, City of Heroes

  • MikeKMikeK Member Posts: 1
    I used to play Everquest round when Kunark was first out. Had fun, then when Luclin came out I kinda was bummed. With the new Lost Dungeons of Norrath expansion, I've been loving EQ. The fact that you get a zone to only your group is very cool, and the rewards are well worth your time. If you ever decide to come to EQ, let me know. I'm on the Stromm server :-p

  • brostynbrostyn Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 3,092
    New players to EQ will be disappointed. I recently got back into it. There are no newbies. I have a 30 bard now and I have grouped maybe 6 times. There is just too many places to hunt and not enough people lower leveled.

  • neschrianeschria Member UncommonPosts: 1,406

    Disclaimer: I don't really recommend going into EQ cold if you don't know anyone already playing. Some servers are friendlier and busier in the newbie zones than others, but if you don't know anyone at all, you may find yourself with a hard row to hoe.

    It does depend to some extent on what server you play on. The "fast track" zones on my home server almost always have people of the appropriate levels in them, and my twinks have had pretty decent luck getting groups.

    Zones You Might Check:

    • Your home newbie zone(s) to 15-17ish. (optionally Field of Bone/Kurn's Tower or Shadeweaver/low end of Paludal. Some people swear by Gfay/Crushbone, but I think that's slow.)
    • Paludal Caverns to 25ish
    • HighHold Keep to 30ish (Personally, I don't do this. I grab friends and go pulls lots in Marus Seru. That's a faction/RP issue with me, though, not advice.)
    • Dawnshroud or Overthere to 40ish. (Personally, I find both of these zones really boring. If you can round up some friends who actually have Legacy of Ykesha, you might try Gunthak. We did a level a day with 2 mages and a cleric there from about 35 to about 44.)
    • Dreadlands (Again, boring/grueling, IMHO. If you can interest your friends in other zones, Sol B doesn't suck too badly, and is usually blessedly empty. Velious has some zones that are appropriate for this level range as well.)
    • Alternately, you can start LDoN adventures from level 20. I never got LDoN, so I don't have any useful commentary on the difficulty of putting together a group like that. I do know that some of my friends got together in regular groups that played together all the time, just so they wouldn't have to LOOK for LDoN groups.

    Hopefully you've made friends by the time you get to level 46. And hopefully they are higher level friends who will babysit you and your little pals in Plane of Justice for a few levels. ;)  

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  • TymoraTymora Member UncommonPosts: 1,295
    I'm thinking of getting back into Everquest, too.  I currently play Star Wars Galaxies.  It is alot of fun, and it is getting better, but I loved EQ when I played a few of years ago.  Since then I played DAoC, Anarchy Online, Horizons, and SWG.  Everquest is still an old favorite.  I hope they make the graphics better with the Engine overhaul they are planning in the next couple of months.  I plan on getting EQ2, so this may be a good idea to get back into EQ for the next few months . . .

  •   The current graphics in EQ are AMAZING!

    Nice enough that EQ1 is definatly able to still able to be enjoyable right now.


    Example of Middle-Old EQ graphics:

     Notice how "blocky" and old game engine looking the dragon/wurm's claws are. There is no lighting, or textures, etc. This was taken on a 1.1 MHZ, 1 GIG memory, Pent 4 computer. With all settings turned on.

    Example of current and new EQ graphics:

     Look at the lighting and shading detail in the neck of the monster! NICE!

     This was taken on the same computer, same system specs, with all options turned on.

     Anarchy Online is the game with the best graphics of all 3rd generation MMORPGs. With DAoC a close second. SWG currently has the best ever graphics of a 4th generation MMORPG. (Might be a tie when EQ2 releases.)

    Compare the current EQ1 graphics to the graphics in Anarchy Online:

     Taken on the same computer, with game settings on above medium.

     All of this shows EQ1's current graphics are still enjoyable enough for EQ1 to still be playable right now in current times. As long as EQ1 continues to recieve NEW game content, it could go on for more years and years and still be successfull!


      I will say, I miss the old more scantilly clad female Wood-Elf LOL. In the newer EQ1 graphics and game engine update, they gave her slightly more .... ehhh... covering. image

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