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Seperate MMOs into 3 catagories...

MagicStarMagicStar Member Posts: 380

1. MMORPG - Where their characters has ability stats, you use point and click to control your character with dice rolling combat on top of that.
Example: EVE Online(Nice space RPG BTW), Lineage2, World Of Warcraft, Everquest 2, Saga Ryzom or something like that. Etc.

2. MMOFPS - Where players control thrie avatar(ship or person) using pure twitch skills(or real life skills).
Example: Jumpgate, Neocron, Planetside, Vendetta, etc.

3. MMORTS - Massivly online real time stragety game.
Example: Man Kind, Time of Defiance, A Tale in the Desert(not exactly sure), etc.

If there are more than 3 catagories feel free to tell them.
Otherwise if there are hybrid of these type of games, would you put them in a different catagory or would these games appear in more than one catagory?

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